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2011 Surface Temperature Field Campaign Starting Soon

For the 6th consecutive year, GLOBE partner Dr. Kevin Czajkowski and researchers at the University of Toledo, Ohio, will host the annual Surface Temperature Field Campaign from 28 November - 23 December 2011.  Dr. Czajkowski and his research team want GLOBE students to take Surface Temperature observations.

Currently, some schools are able to observe surface temperature with snow on the ground while other schools observe surfaces without snow. Snow cover is an important factor impacting Earth's weather and climate system. It reflects sunlight back to space and insulates the atmosphere from the ground. Less snow leads to a positive feedback in the climate system: more sunlight is absorbed by the surface, which can lead to warmer temperatures.

If you have not been trained in the surface temperature protocol or have any questions, contact Dr. Kevin Czajkowski directly, at
Follow the action of the surface temperature field campaign here.
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