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Earth Science Week Photography, Art and Essay Contests

The American Geological Institute is sponsoring several contests to promote Earth Science Week 2011, which will take place this year from 9-15 October.  A  photography contest focuses on the topic "A World of Change in My Community."  In a photograph, show how your area is influenced by long-term and short-term changes that result  from interactions among Earth's  atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, and biosphere. Use your camera to capture evidence of how people in the community are affected by or adapt to such changes. 

The American Geological Institute is also sponsoring two contests specifically for students.

The Visual Arts Contest for students of grades K - 5.  Your artwork should focus on the topic "Picturing Our Ever-Changing Earth." Our planet changes all the time. Some of the changes, like earthquakes and storms, happen very quickly. Other changes, such as rocks wearing away to make soil, happen very slowly.  What Earth changes do you know about? What do you think causes those changes? Use artwork to show ways in which Earth's air, water, land, and living things change over time.

The Essay Contest for students of grades 6 - 9.   Your essay should focus on the topic "How Change Shapes Our Planet."Write a brief essay explaining how interactions among Earth systems - geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere - change our planet over time. How do people gather evidence of change and study its effects? How are humans' lives affected by these changes? What role do people play in the processes of change on our planet?

See the 2010 winning entries in all categories on the 2010 Winners webpage.

These contests are open to U.S. Residents. Entries may be submitted electronically or by mail. Only one entry will be accepted per person and entries are due 14 October 2011.


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