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December 2016 Letter to the Community

22 December 2016

Dear Friends, 

I am fortunate to have traveled to a number of GLOBE countries in 2016, where I was honored to see firsthand the myriad accomplishments that have emerged from places where The GLOBE Program has taken root. I have observed the enthusiastic efforts that so many GLOBE communities have made to advance Earth Science education, which is so important on our fragile and stressed planet. I have spoken with teachers committed to GLOBE's curricular activities and pedagogy, and with students eager to understand the world that is rapidly changing around them. Every encounter has been enlightening, educational and meaningful. What has become very apparent to me from all this is the conviction that our community is unique! We share common concerns and core values and as was said in the student research video from this year's annual meeting, we talk a common language, which is science. If there is one wish I have for GLOBE in 2017 it is that we remain unified and continue to work together peacefully and conscientiously for the betterment of our common home, the Earth.

- - - - -

I recently spent a few days in New Haven, Connecticut, not far from New York City, scouting the location of the 2017 Annual Meeting with our host U.S. Partner Scott Graves and his supportive colleagues and staff at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU). I am pleased to be able to express with utmost confidence that the 2017 meeting should be one of our most interesting yet and I want encourage you to start planning now to attend.

Dr. Tony Murphy standing in the snow at New Haven, Connecticut.

Here at the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) we think it is important to support an annual convergence of community members. We work with our host partners to provide knowledge of new developments originating from the GIO, from NASA Headquarters and our other sponsors and supporters, and from the regions. At each annual meeting, we gain insight into what our students are doing worldwide with the skills they are acquiring through GLOBE and we do field work in a new environment where the meeting is staged. Unlike some organizations that host their events in the same location year after year, we look for original venues and host partners who are willing to donate countless hours and recruit supportive associates to help. In rural locations or urban, in mountains, plains or by the sea, through the efforts of dedicated people, these meetings come together.
In 2017, once again we welcome and encourage the entire GLOBE community to attend. Partners, Country Coordinators, teachers, scientists, students, friends and supporters: we want to see you there!  The activities planning process is just getting underway, but here are some of the likely highlights:
There will be special opportunities for students; a Student Field Experience that will most likely take place at Hammonassett Beach Park and the SCSU research facility on Outer Island.
Our conference hotel, the New Haven Omni, is directly adjacent to Yale University, which has a strong commitment to environmental research and includes the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History housing a world-class collection of over 12.8 million objects and specimens. The museum provides a remarkable record of the history of the Earth and its educational activities inspire people, especially children, with a love for culture and the natural world. We are exploring the possibility of spending an "Evening at the Museum" as guests of the Peabody Museum.
More information about these, and all 2017 Annual Meeting activities, will come.
We will let you know as soon as our registration page is online. But do put the dates: 30 July - 3 August 2017, on you calendars.

- - - - -

Before closing, I would like to note that that Dr. Ming Ying Wei, GLOBE Program Manager at NASA Headquarters since 2003, will be retiring at the end of December 2016.

Dr. Ming Ying Wei standing for a photo.

Ming Ying has been a staunch supporter of GLOBE, our tireless advocate in Washington, and a leader and constant presence in program development for more than a decade. We salute her boundless energy, dedication, vision, and power to move the program forward. Ming Ying leaves an indelible mark on the Program and where it is headed.
The coming of a new year offers all of us a symbolic moment to reflect and resolve to strengthen and support GLOBE and the work we all love so much. Our Program is important, our community is strong, and never have I been more convinced of the value of both.
Happy New Year to all of you and THANK YOU for all you do for GLOBE!


Tony Murphy signature
Dr. Tony Murphy  
Director, GLOBE Implementation Office

20th anniversary.

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