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Tune In This Morning (22 April) for GLOBE/NASA Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day Celebrations shareable
Credit: NASA/Perisha Gates

GLOBE on Earth Day

Earth Day 2020 (22 April) is special for many reasons. It is the 25th Anniversary of The GLOBE Program, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day; and, as you know, the first Earth Day that will be celebrated around the world indoors!

Here at the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO), located in Boulder, Colorado, USA, we have special presentations and announcements for you, including:

  • remarks from GIO Director Dr. Tony Murphy;
  • a video tribute to the community;
  • a drawing to award student stipends (based on excellent performance in this year’s International Virtual Science Symposium); and
  • other special announcements.

To tune in, beginning at 9:00 a.m. MDT, click here.

NASA on Earth Day

After watching the GLOBE video celebration, you’ll want to move on to NASA’s Earth Day at Home page.

NASA has collected  numerous activities to help you observe “Earth Day at Home."  In order to help everyone connect virtually this Earth Day, you are encouraged to share – via social media –  photos and images of how you marked the 50th anniversary, using the hashtag #EarthDayAtHome. (This could be a picture of a special science activity, an original work of art you created, the tree outside your window, or whatever inspires you.)

To help get you started, NASA has collected activities, videos, special programs and other materials to help you observe “Earth Day at Home” with the Earth Day 50th Anniversary Toolkit. You also can find a variety of agency-wide resources at NASA at Home and at NASA STEM at Home (in Spanish at: Ciencia de la NASA).

On Earth Day 2020, let’s all make the effort to remember the enduring efforts and contributions of The GLOBE Program – and our beautiful planet. Make this Earth Day memorable by finding a way to celebrate indoors.

It’s a beautiful world out there!

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