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GLOBE Student Vloggers -- December Update

The GLOBE Student Vloggers, GSV Mentors, GSV lead Autumn McMartin (Burdick) and GIO Communications Coordinator Jan Heiderer met together this last month for their November virtual meet up. During the meeting they heard from Karam from Israel, Sonam from Bhutan, and Yataweeda of Thailand -- the student presenters for the month.  

In November and continuing into December, the GLOBE Student Vloggers’ collaboration vlogs are being released on the YouTube channel. These vlogs are led by each mentee group’s GSV Alumni Mentor and are about cloud observations. One such mentor collaboration video features Christine (mentor) and her mentees: Mateo, Dawa, Amal, and Jemimah. Viewers can watch it here.  

Some other recent episodes include:

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office