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GLOBE Student Vloggers to Become “Investigative Reporters” During NASA GLOBE Clouds Challenge 2022

A photo from the vlog of Hala, from Saudi Arabia

The GLOBE Student vloggers have been asked by NASA scientist and the GLOBE Clouds Science Lead, Marilé Colón Robles, to become investigative reporters as part of the upcoming NASA GLOBE Clouds Challenge 2022 (15 January to 15 February).  

This month, look for a special video from the vloggers all about the clouds and climate in their individual areas, as well as the changes seen over time. Plus, look for a big announcement in GLOBE’s February News Brief concerning vlogging opportunities in 2022/2023 for current GLOBE students.

A few recent episodes created by GLOBE vloggers are: 

To learn more about the NASA GLOBE Clouds Challenge 2022, click here.

To watch, or to watch again, the vloggers episodes, click here.  (Be sure to subscribe to the channel to receive notifications when the latest episode is released.)

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office