Does Wind Direction Affect the Amount of Aerosols?

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Date Submitted:02/27/2018
AOT and Wind

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Our group researched many things on the internet. Our main objective was to see if there was any correlation between wind and the amount of aerosols and if it did affect, we wanted to know how and why it did. Our main question was asking if wind direction affects the amount of aerosols in a certain area. The research included what are aerosols and what do they affect. What is wind and does it have any effect on atmosphere particles? Does the wind direction affect the aerosols? Why does the wind direction change often during the day? These were some of the questions that we had to research and find information and answers to. For collecting our data, we used an instrument called a calitoo. A calitoo is a photometer used to measure the rate of aerosols in the atmosphere. We also used many websites including Hysplit and Wunderground, We found our conclusion by looking at our data collections and talking with Dr. Margaret Pippin to answer our questions and help interpret our data. We did find correlation between wind and aerosols because one day with a southeast wind it was extremely clean air and one day with a northwest wind it was dirty air. On Hysplit, a NOAA wind resource, there was a huge difference between the wind direction and the day’s (10/20/17 and 11/02/17) AOT high and lows. We may have had errors due to the small amount of days we studied, which was two. There are still many questions that can and should be answered about aerosols and the atmosphere. There could be more questions relating to weather like does wind affect aerosols.


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I related to this project because I used to live in Los Angeles and when the Santa Ana winds come through many people fall ill because of the particulate in the air. I set up an air sensor in my yard that reads PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0. There were times that it wasn't advisable to be outside because of the volume of fine particles in the air. I haven't used a calitoo and now am curious about its measurements in conjunction with my alphasense sensor. You mentioned that you have readings for only 2 days, is there a calitoo that can be setup to measure 24x7?

Posted on 3/23/18 10:38 PM.