The Effects of magnetic water on Plants

Student(s):Khadija Banaama Revan Baggazi Wehad Garoot
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Teacher:Abeer Saad Alzahrani
Report Type(s):Standard Research Report
Protocols:Air Temperature, Green-Up / Green-Down, pH, Soil pH, Soil Temperature, Water Transparency, Water Temperature
Date Submitted:03/25/2018

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Plants are the basis of all life on earth but many thing causes their death and water could be one of them. When water molecules form clusters with other water molecules. Many of them are sloughed off because they are too large which the plant reject. The hypothesis says that if the plants were watered with magnetized water it will reduce the possibility of its death. In order to prove it 2 epipremnum aureum were exposed to the same External factors except one of them was water with magnetized water rather than regular water. when the plant is irrigated with magnetized water the minerals is taken from the soil easily without creating a layer on top of the soil which lead to an increase in the agricultural productivity.
we suggest to Design a machine with a size of a hand palm to magnetize the water easily.


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