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Seaweed Reproductive Phenology

Deactivated Protocol Warning

Important: This protocol has been deactivated and no new protocol measurements can be submitted to GLOBE's databases. For more information, check out the Deactivated Protocols page

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Students record the five phenophases of either common or clonal lilac plants.

Protocols to help in completion of the main protocol.

Step-by-step instructions for collection data according to the protocols.

Sheets to be filled out during data collection.

Activities to help students learn more about the instruments and protocols.

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Students learn about plant response to light by setting up simple investigations in the classroom.
Students learn what to look for during budburst by observing variations in timing and appearance of leaves of different local plant species.
Use this flowchart to help you decide which Introductory Activities are appropriate for your classroom. For more information, see the Carbon Cycle Introduction eTraining .
Students learn how to evaluate the accuracy of a classification they perform in this tutorial.

Introduce students to systems thinking through a classroom simulation, and model a system using the '1-box model'.
Enhancement Materials:  Paper Clip Simulation Spreadsheet (xls)   Online Model Link

A summary of learning activities for the biosphere investigation area.
Students learn how to evaluate the accuracy of a classification they perform.
Students follow a carbon atom through the carbon cycle using a choose your own adventure storybook.
        Enhancement Materials:        Carbon Cycle Adventure Story Booklet (pdf)
Using MultiSpec, students compare two images of their GLOBE Study Site; one from the 1990's and one from the 2000's, to determine how the land cover has changed in that time span in this tutorial.
Students use MultiSpec to perform unsupervised clustering of their Landsat TM image and then assign MUC classes to every cluster to create a land cover map.
Students play a dice game to follow a carbon atom as it travels through the Earth's carbon pools.
Students use the satellite image of the GLOBE Study Site and their knowledge of remote sensing to decide where a new hospital should be located.
Students classify land cover by visually examining their site as well as mapping and recording ground cover onto graph paper as they walk across their site. Students will use a GPS to locate the site in addition to photographing their site.
Students learn the basics of the carbon cycle through diagrams.
  Enhancement Mini-Activities
    Turnover rate and residence time (pdf)
    How big is a petagram? (xls)
    Human Carbon Pool (xls)
    How Much Carbon is Stored in a Pencil? (xls)

Field Learning Activities
Activities that teach important concepts and skills for understanding and conducting Carbon Protocols.
Students learn the concept of biomass and explore biomass data from biomes around the world.
        Enhancement Materials:        Global Biomes Movie (m4v)             Biomass Units Example (xls)
Students observe and classify local plants based on their patterns of change other than growth.
Students practice the skill of estimating percent cover.

Additional documents or tools related to the protocol.

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An overview of the major components of the Carbon Cycle Project, including learning goals and objectives. Also includes project authorship and citation information.

Teacher Preparation

Carbon Cycle eTrainings
Carbon Cycle Introduction, Standard Site Field Protocols, Non-Standard Site Field Protocols, Carbon Cycle Modeling.

Scientific Inquiry and Research in the Classroom

Introduction to the Global Carbon Cycle

Systems and Models Introduction

NGSS and Standards Correlation Matrix

Curriculum Framing Questions
Examples of Essential, Unit and Content questions for GLOBE Carbon Cycle

Teacher templates
General teaching templates that can be used for formative assessment. Frayer Model, KWL's, etc.

Scientific Process Teacher Guides

Pose Research Questions (pdf)
Develop Investigation Plan (pdf)
Identify New Research Questions (pdf)


Field Wrap-up Questions (pdf)
Field Assessment Questions (pdf)

Excel Sheet Data Entry and Biomass Analysis Templates
Entering data into the GLOBE database also performs these functionalities.

Tree Biomass Analysis Template (xls)
Standard Site Shrub Biomass Analysis Template (xls)
Non- Standard Site Shrub Biomass Analysis Template (xls)