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International Collaboration between Malta and Israel

The GLOBE Country Coordinator of Israel, Ms. Refaela Babish, together with the GLOBE Deputy Coordinator of Malta, Ms. Ramona Mercieca, announced a starting collaborative project of schools from both the countries.

The students are very enthusiastic about the tradition and significance that trees have in both the cultures of Israel and Malta. They will demonstrate this at the first online call that will be organized on February 11th:

Students from Gozo College Rabat Primary School, Victoria, Gozo and Begin Elementary School, Dimona, Israel will sing a song about trees and nature in own language, while students attending Gozo College Middle School and Mosenson Youth Village High School, Hod Hasharon, Israel will read a blessing in English and Maltese/Hebrew.


An olive tree, which symbolizes peace, and a fig tree will be presented as a gift and will be planted in the school grounds after the call. Plaques to commemorate event will be placed around trees.


At the end of February, schools will join the European Phenology Campaign that will allow them to take their passion for trees even further. They will observe the fig tree during the spring months, record the growth of leaves and take pictures of the tree greening up. Later on, student will add a rainfall and air temperature observations as well together with tracking the clouds with the help of GLOBE Observer App. The idea is to exchange the data and results between the schools from Israel and Gozo and submit a report to GLOBE on the finding.

That is still not the end! Students will also prepare and share a traditional recipe using the fruit of the fig tree.

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