My tree grows under Covid-19 restrictions

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For many of us, it is very difficult now to observe our tree. Despite that, the campaign continues and brings new collaboration and study opportunities. On this page, you will find activities that your students can do from their garden and home as well as other tips from teachers who do distant teaching.

Please let us know, what you do. Share graphs, photos or paintings from your students at the discussion forum and inspire the campaign community.


 Trees in Changing Environment: What Do Scientists Say?

Thursday, May 21st 

Meet three tree scientistsemoticon, who will introduce you to their research, explain how trees react to changes in their environment and share with you their findings.

You will hear presentations from:

  • Zorana Sedlar (Natural History Museum, Croatia) - Botanist specialized in plant and vegetation ecology as well as vegetation change
  • Lenka Hájková (Hydrometeorological Institute, Czech Republic) - Climatologist, agro-meteorologist and phenologist
  • Zuzana Lhotáková (Charles University, Faculty of Science, Department of Experimental Plant Biology) - Plant physiologist who specialises on the reaction of trees to external environmental factors

The lesson will start at 3 pm CET on ZOOM. To join the meeting, go to the link: you have troubles to join in, please follow the guide step by step.

Ideas, How to Stay Involved

  • Can you go outside? Do you have a tree in your garden? Observe its buds and the first leaves. Measure how fast a leaf grows.
  • Are outdoor activities restricted? Use GrowApp to take pictures of a tree that you can see from a window and post them to the forum.
  • Use data from the GLOBE database - compare results from different regions or countries. Create and share graphs.
  • Exchange results via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or any other online communication.
  • Call your partner teacher(s) and get to know each other. Ask your students to prepare a presentation about themselves and your school (in English).
  • Go through the protocol e-training (Tree and Shrub Green-Up).
  • Try Carbon Cycle activities


How to Upload Data and Make Graphs of Green Up

On April 2nd, you could learn how to upload data in a webinar. Watch the recording:


Data Upload Guide

Why is Phenology Important and what role do Trees Play in the Carbon Cycle?

You will find out in the online lesson recording from April 29:


Watch Budburst from your Home

Click on the tree name or on the picture to watch the budburst animation.

Birch                                                                    Hazel



Oak                                                                      Beech  


Inspiration from Teachers

The collaboration of schools from Malta and Israel started this spring and was already awarded a GLOBE Star. Although outdoor activities are now limited, schools have many great ideas and drive for further collaboration. Read more here.



Gozo College Xewkija Primary School from Malta introduced the Maltese Fig Tree Research Project which emerged from the Phenology Campaign students started observing a fig tree. Although school is closed some students are still working from home and sending the photos. See more pictures here.




St. Francis Primary School at Malta has been closed since March 12, but the school Spring Tree project continues. Read about the great collegial cooperation in the schools in a post by Christian Saliba or see a students' presentation about a fig tree.




Carbon Cycle Activities

Many of the carbon activities can easily be made from the safety of your homes: