Webinars became an important part of the campaign. Below you will find a list of webinars planned for the 2023 Autumn Tree Campaign as well as invitations to webinars organised by the Trees Around the GLOBE Campaign team. We look forward to meeting you!

Recordings of webinars from previous campaigns are available below in the Archived Webinars section and are listed by date.



2023 Autumn Campaign Webinars

PAST: Our Autumn with Trees, November 29, 2023 @ 1 pm CET

The final meeting of the Autumn Campaign and an opportunity for students and teachers to hear from students about their experience with green-down and autumn campaign activities.

The recording of the webinar is available here.

Materials presented at the webinar

  • Contributions presented at the Campaign Padlet by:
    • Elementary school Braća Seljan, Karlovac, Croatia - Bookcreator
    • Elementary school Rugvica, Croatia - Bookcreator
    • Elementary schools Luhačovice + Elementary school Olomouc - Bookcreator
    • High school Prelog, Croatia, Czech Republic - Story Map
    • Elementary school Lučko, Zagreb, Croatia - presentation
    • Elementary school Vladimira Nazora Pazin, Karojba, Croatia - presentation
    • Forestry and Woodworking school Karlovac, Croatia - presentation



PAST: Welcome to the Autumn Campaign, September 20, 2023 @ 4 pm CEST

An introduction to 2023 Autumn Campaign activities and schedule - all you need to know about green-down activities, carbon activity and tree height measurements.

Recording I Presentation







Trees Around the GLOBE Campaign Webinars


Tuesday, December 5, 2023 @ 10:00am EST (3:00pm UTC, 4:00pm CET). The State of Trees - December 2023. A Mini Forest Revolution around the Globe: Sharing experiences from Schools, Villages, and Urban Neighborhoods. Forests and trees are a vital part of our planet, providing habitats for our planet's creatures to playing an important role in our planet's carbon budget. Join this special webinar as we hear from colleagues around the world about their experiences with Miyawaki Forests and planting trees. From the planting of over 200,000 trees and over 100 forests in India to restoring forests in countries such as Belgium, reversing the deterioration of the Beirut River by planting native trees, to how creating forests, with students in the United States, has helped students understand the importance of trees and forests to our ever-changing planet. We will also hear from author Hannah Lewis and about the Miyawaki forests.

If you are interested in joining the webinar, please send an email to Campaign Lead, Brian Campbell. To learn more about the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign, click here.



Archived webinars


2023 Spring

Our Spring with Trees

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 @ 2 pm CEST

The final meeting of the Spring Campaign and an opportunity for participating teachers and students to share experiences and inspire each other with projects and activities related to greening-up, the carbon cycle and the role of trees in cooling cities.

Watch the RECORDING.

What could you see in the webinar?


Experience and Love Trees

Thursday, March 30, 2023 @ 3 pm CEST

Encourage children to build up their sensitivity to trees and develop a close relationship with them. This crucial first stage provides the basis for building up knowledge. The Lessons in Grass project team will inspire you with lesson plans, photos, videos, best practices, tips and tricks. 

The webinar will take place on the ZOOM Platform.

Webinar recording I Presentation


Welcome to the Spring Campaign

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 @ 3 pm CET

Introduction to 2023 Spring Tree Campaign activities and schedule - all you need to know about green-up activities, carbon activities and tree height measurements. Intended mainly for those, who are starting with the campaign.

Webinar recording I Presentation - Green-up I Presentation - carbon cycle


Autumn 2022

Virtual Student Conference (November 28 and 29)

The Virtual Student Conference provided an opportunity to present Autumn Campaign activities and collaborations to other students, teachers, and researchers. 

Day 1 recording I Day 2 recording



Welcome to the Autumn Campaign (September 22, 2022)

An introduction to 2022 Autumn Campaign activities and schedule - all you need to know about green-down activities, carbon activity and tree height measurements.


Webinar recording I Presentation I Student video


Spring 2022


Meeting with Scientists #2 - Phenology in the Past and Now (May 4, 2022)

Dr Elena Bautista Sparrow is a scientist, who lives in Alaska and works with indigenous (native) communities. She learns from them wisdom about the environment and natural cycles. She is also the co-founder of GLOBE Phenology.

Meet this very special guest and learn about the importance of Phenology and about the unique connection between people and nature in Alaska.

Webinar recording I Dr. Sparrow presentationIntroduction to Arctic and Earth SIGNs video


Meeting with Scientists #1 - Trees and Urban Heat Island (April 7, 2022)

The role of trees in lowering the Urban Heat Island effect explained by Dr Kevin Czajkowski, Professor at the University of Toledo, USA and the lead of the GLOBE Urban Heat Island Effect Campaign. Introduction of new campaign activity Air-conditioned by Trees. Video by Gozo College Middle School, Malta that shows how students investigated the effect of trees on urban temperatures and called the local community to action. 

Webinar recording I Video by Gozo College Middle School, Malta I Activity Air-conditioned by Trees I i-Tree tool (introduced by Dr. Czajkowski)


Spring Campaign in a Nutshell (February 10, 2022)

Introduction to 2022 Spring Tree Campaign activities and schedule - all you need to know about green-up activities, carbon activities and tree height measurements. Presentation of the campaign experience by a GLOBE team from Elementary school Rugvica, Croatia,

Webinar recordingGreen-up activities, campaign plans and resources presentation I Carbon cycle activities presentation I Elementary school Rugvica presentation


Autumn 2021

Our autumn with trees (December 1, 2021)

The webinar was the final meeting of the schools involved in the autumn phenology campaign and also a presentation of the outcomes of the GLOBE Tree Reporters Challenge.

What was presented?

Green-down and reporters activities presented by students from Poltava school 38, Ukraine

School collaboration using Padlet introduced by students and teachers from Elementary schools Dubovac and Banija, Croatia

Tree TV videos by

Základná škola Plavecký Štvrtok, Slovakia / Osnovna škola Banija, Croatia / St.Michael School, Malta / Complex of Schools No 5 in Zabrze, Poland / Secondary school Mate Blažine Labin, Croatia / Osnovna škola Rugvica, Croatia / Luhansk Regional Center for Ecological and Naturalistic Creativity of Student Youth, Ukraine / Gozo College Middle School, Malta / Jonava R.Samulevicius progymnasium, Lithuania / Center for Extracurricular Education of Melitopol City Council of Zaporizhia Region, Ukraine

Tree Magazine posters from 

Gymnasium Mate Blažina Labin, Croatia / OU " Dame Gruev", North Macedonia / Srednja škola Čakovec, Croatia / The Affiliated Senior High School of National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan / Gozo College Middle School, Malta / Osnovna škola Antuna Mihanovića Osijek, Croatia / Srednja škola Lovre Montija , Knin, Croatia / CVČ VČIELKA PÚCHOV, Slovakia / Young naturalists station of Velyka Pusarivka Sumy region, Ukraine

Webinar recording I Tree Magazine postersTree TV videos I Poltava school 38 presentation I Padlet - school collaboration


Autumn Colouring Through the Eyes of Scientists (November 10, 2021) 

Arnold van Vliet, a phenologist at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and one of the authors of the European Phenology Campaign and GrowApp. In the webinar, he talked about the importance of greening-down for trees and for the global carbon cycle. He also explained how  GrowApp pictures help in scientific research. 

Brian Campbell, the lead of the Trees Around the GLOBE student research campaign introduced plans and opportunities in Year 4 of the Campaign for teachers and students. 

Webinar recording


All you need to know about the Autumn Campaign (September 16, 2021)

An introduction to the Autumn campaign activities resources and schedule. Zuzana Lhotakova, a scientist from Charles University presented and explained the new carbon activity How Leaves Lose Weight.

Webinar recording 



Spring 2021


Spring observations and cooperation. Sharing and learning from other schools and countries.

(June 2, 2021) 

Teachers and students participating in the Spring Phenology Campaign shared their experiences and inspired each other with projects and activities related to green-up and the carbon cycle. Webinar recording

Slide show of pictures shared by schools through the Campaign discussion forum - Green-up activities, Carbon cycle activities


My Spring Data. (May 6, 2021) 

This recording will help you to enter green-up data, create a graph of leaf growth using the GLOBE visualisation tool and create and use student accounts. 

Webinar recording I Presentation



Trees in my Neighborhood. (April 15, 2021)

Meeting with Czech gardening expert and ecologist Michal Plundra on the role of trees in an urban environment and taking care of trees and with scientists from Charles University, Premysl Stych (Czech Republic) and Natalia Kobliuk (Ukraine) who presented how to look at trees from above using Sentinel Hub. Introducing 2021 Community Trees Challenge: Science is Better Together.

Webinar recording I Michal Plundra presentation I Premysl Stych presentation


All You Need to Know about the 2021 Spring Campaign. (March 10, 2021).

Introducing the Spring campaign schedule and resources, green-up and carbon cycle activities. Dr Gunta Kalvāne from the University of Latvia shared, what it means to work as a phenologist and why she finds phenology important and interesting. 

Webinar recording I Presentation Spring Campaign I Presentation Carbon Activities 


Autumn 2020


Autumn Tree Observations and Cooperation: Sharing and Learning from other Schools and Countries. (November 19, 2020) 

Teachers and students participating in the autumn phenology campaign shared their experiences and inspired each other with projects and activities related to green-down and tree height measurements.

Webinar recording


How to work with autumn data (October 19, 2020) 

An introduction to the GLOBE visualization tool. The tool allows you to create graphs of your tree's greening down and the GLOBE Observer. Overview of changes to the GLOBE website and GLOBE apps, which will be implemented in November 2020.

Webinar recording I Presentation 


Educators and Students Aligning Greenings and Tree Height: A Collaboration Between the European Phenology Campaign and the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign. (October 13, 2020)

Trees around the GLOBE Campaign webinar, where students from the Czech Republic: Primary School Pist and Primary School Hradec Kralove, Stefcova presented their research on greenings and phenology. The European Phenology Campaign Lead, Lenka Kleger discussed the science of greenings and why the observations are so important to understanding local environments, Dorian Janney, Cross-Campaigns Lead from NASA Goddard/ADNET introduced using Story Maps to showcase the trees in your environment, and Dr Christopher Shuman, Campaign Subject Matter Expert, and Trees in the
News Lead from NASA Goddard/UMBC presented “Trees in the News” highlighting France’s Parc National des Forêts de Champagne et Bourgogne. 

See the webinar recording and presentations


From Leaves to Satellites (October 8, 2020)

The webinar provides a look at the autumn change of trees from 3 different perspectives: inside the trees (Zuzana Lhotakova, Charles University); field observations (Brian Campbell, NASA), and satellite view (Peder Nelson, Oregon State University)

Webinar recording I Trees Campaign Presentation



All you need to know about the Autumn Campaign (September 21, 2020)

Autumn campaign schedule, activities, and resources. Inspiration by the school collaboration project. Introduction to the Trees Around the GLOBE campaign by its lead Brian Campbell. Online tools looking at phenology from space introduced by Peder Nelson (Oregon State University).

Webinar recording I Phenology Campaign presentation I School presentation - ZS Manesova Otrokovice, Czech Republic I Trees Campaign Presentation


Spring 2020


How to Upload Data and Make Graphs of Green Up (April 2, 2020)

GLOBE trainer Bara Semerakova explains, how to enter spring tree data and how to create a graph of leaf growth using the GLOBE visualisation tool.

Webinar recordingPresentation I Data Upload Guide


Why is Phenology Important and what role do Trees Play in the Carbon Cycle? (April 29, 2020)

In the webinar, you will learn about the meaning and importance of phenology. Lenka Hájková describes, how scientists use phenology data and present concrete examples. You will also understand the basics of the carbon cycle and its connection with trees.

Webinar recordingPresentation

Trees in Changing Environment: What Do Scientists Say? (May 21, 2020)

Three scientists - Zorana Sedlar (Natural History Museum, Croatia), Lenka Hájková (Hydrometeorological Institute, Czech Republic) and Zuzana Lhotáková (Charles University, Czech Republic) talk about their research on trees and explain how trees respond to changes in their environment.

Webinar recording


Autumn 2019


How to upload Green Down Data (October 10, 2019)

GLOBE trainer Bara Semerakova explains, how to enter data and how to create a graph of leaf colour change using the GLOBE visualisation tool.

Webinar recording I Presentation