Webinars became an important part of the campaign. For autumn 2020 we have planned for you a series of webinars focused on autumn tree change and the use of GLOBE data tools and apps. The webinars will also provide opportunities for sharing experience and meeting scientists. The webinars are prepared in cooperation with scientists from the Trees Around the GLOBE campaign team. 


Upcoming webinars for Autumn 2020


November 19th @ 3 pm CET: Autumn observations and cooperation. Sharing and learning from other schools and countries.

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Archived webinars

How to work with autumn data (October 19, 2020) 

An introduction to GLOBE visualization tool that allows you to create graphs of a greening down of your tree and to the GLOBE Observer. Overview of changes to the GLOBE website and GLOBE apps, which will be implemented in November 2020.

Webinar recording I Presentation 


Educators and Students Aligning Greenings and Tree Height: A Collaboration Between the European Phenology Campaign and the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign. (October 13, 2020)

Trees around the GLOBE Campaign webinar, where students from the Czech Republic: Primary School Pist and Primary School Hradec Kralove, Stefcova presented their research on greenings and phenology. The European Phenology Campaign Lead, Lenka Kleger discussed the science of greenings and why the observations are so important to understanding local environments, Dorian Janney, Cross-Campaigns Lead from NASA Goddard/ADNET introduced using of Story Maps to showcase the trees in your environment, and Dr. Christopher Shuman, Campaign Subject Matter Expert, and Trees in the
News Lead from NASA Goddard/UMBC presented “Trees in the News” highlighting France’s Parc National des Forêts de Champagne et Bourgogne. 

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From Leaves to Satellites (October 8, 2020)

The webinar provides a look at the autumn change of trees from 3 different perspectives: inside the trees (Zuzana Lhotakova, Charles University); field observations (Brian Campbell, NASA), and satellite view (Peder Nelson, Oregon State University)

Webinar recording I Trees Campaign Presentation


All you need to know about the Autumn Campaign (September 21, 2020)

Autumn campaign schedule, activities, and resources. Inspiration by the school collaboration project. Introduction to the Trees Around the GLOBE campaign by its lead Brian Campbell. Online tools looking at phenology from space introduced by Peder Nelson (Oregon State University).

Webinar recording I Phenology Campaign presentation I School presentation - ZS Manesova Otrokovice, Czech Republic I Trees Campaign Presentation


How to Upload Data and Make Graphs of Green Up (April 2, 2020)

GLOBE trainer Bara Semerakova explains, how to enter spring tree data and how to create a graph of leaf growth using GLOBE visualisation tool.

Webinar recordingPresentation I Data Upload Guide



Why is Phenology Important and what role do Trees Play in the Carbon Cycle? (April 29, 2020)

In the webinar, you will learn about meaning and importance of phenology. Lenka Hájková describes, how scientists use phenology data and presents concrete examples. You will also understand basics of carbon cycle and its connection with trees.

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Trees in Changing Environment: What Do Scientists Say? (May 21, 2020)

Three scientists - Zorana Sedlar (Natural History Museum, Croatia), Lenka Hájková (Hydrometeorological Institute, Czech Republic) and Zuzana Lhotáková (Charles University, Czech Republic) talk about their research on trees and explain how trees respond to changes in their environment.

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How to upload Green Down Data (October 10, 2019)

GLOBE trainer Bara Semerakova explains, how to enter data and how to create a graph of leaf color change using GLOBE visualisation tool.

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