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  • Presentation
  • GLOBE 365 Poster - there is a place to stick photos of your tree as well! If you want to receive a hard copy of the poster, contact your GLOBE country coordinator.


Activities for students:

Autumn Spring
  • Activity 2: Color Change of Leaves
  • Activity 3: My Green Down Data + Data Upload Guide



Tree field guides


Field guide


Field guide


Field guide


Field guide


Field guide


Field guide

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GLOBE protocols

Green up


Green down


How to work with GLOBE data?

GLOBE Data Entry - GLOBE data can be submitted on a desktop pc or using the GLOBE data entry app.

Visualize GLOBE dataInstruction for visualizing GLOBE phenology data...

Looking at GrowApp dataAnalyzing green index of GrowApp images 


Lesson plans

  • A first look at phenology. Students explore patterns, similarities, and differences among plants at the same location.
  • A sneak preview of budburst. Students observe the relationship between budburst and temperature.
  • Green down (age 11-14). Students learn to ask questions while using the research cycle.
  • What's hidden in tree buds (age 11-14). Students get familiar with the structure of the buds of deciduous trees, they observe the bud sprouting and changes that trees undergo in spring.
  • An Alaskan Spring Mystery (Middle and high school -grades 6-12) Students learn about the timing of spring budburst and practice asking questions and analyzing and interpreting data
  • Color Palette (age 11-14). Students record the color change of an observed tree.  
  • Confused buds (primary school). Students learn how to record measurements, sort and evaluate data.  
  • Podzimni Gloubak (age 6-11) – In the “Autumn GLOBE Researcher” lesson students learn, how to ask questions while investigating autumn leaves. Lesson only in Czech.
  • Urceni plochy listu (age 12+) – Students learn how to prepare and conduct an experiment while calculating the surface area of a leaf using various mathematic methods. Lesson only in Czech.


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