2019_6 GrowApp


GrowApp was launched by GLOBE Netherlands and its partners as a part of the GLOBE European Phenology Campaign. The app allows you to make animations of your tree by taking pictures with your smartphone. The app transforms these pictures into a time-lapse movie that shows changes over the seasons and even years.

Scientist Arnold van Vliet explains the GrowApp:

The app was updated in Spring 2024 so it works with the latest versions of Android phones and iPhones.



Why GrowApp?

  • The GrowApp can be used as an addition to GLOBE data collection. It is great to observe the Green Up and Green Down process with GLOBE protocols and at the same time make a beautiful time-lapse movie of the tree.
  • While having fun making an animation of their backyard, you will help scientists better understand the impact of climate change on the environment.


“We found that research could be easy and interesting. We liked to use the Growapp application.”

Mykola Bunyak, Mushkutynetsʹka secondary school, Ukraine


Download GrowApp

for Android  /  for iPhone



How to use GrowApp?

  1. Locate a tree (one of the 7 species to be studied during the campaign) that you see regularly (for example, because you pass it when going to school).
  2. Download the app. Open the app and take the first picture (camera button at the bottom right of the app).
  3. Tap on "Description" and type a hashtag # that will allow anybody to filter the photos.
    1.  Species: #birch, #hazel, #oak, #cherry, #lime, #beech, #fig. 
    2. #GLOBE
    3. #Name of your school
  4.  Upload the picture.
  5. Take the following pictures by clicking the icon that holds the first picture. Then click the camera button with the plus to add a new picture. You will see the previous picture transparent so you can line it out perfectly.
  6. As soon as you take more than 1 picture, a rotation of the pictures will automatically be produced so you see a simple time-lapse movie (=animation).
  7. View results on the map in the GrowApp itself or at www.growapp.today