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Observe the sky: Aerosol Campaign 2015

Aerosol Campaign 2015 goes on from March 2nd till May 8th:


If you already have a sunphotometer in your school, just get ready and go measure from March 2 till May 8

- find out more about how to observe aerosols, upload, analyze and compare data 


NEW! if you do not have a sunphotometer, you can still join the campaign:

  1. See the Movie with Chloe - a French girl who observes aerosols and explains why

  2. Do hands-on experiments showing how atmosphere works

  3. Engage students to click a picture or make a video on how they learn about atmosphere

- join the Europe Aerosol Campaign as a member of collaboration group on

- see what research questions students can investigate


You can always contact us on 


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