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Join Ukrainian student phenology campaign!


GLOBE Ukraine announces a second student phenology campaign. The aim of the campaign is to engage students in investigation of the vegetation cycles of wild cherry (Prunus cerasus) and Nanking cherry (Prunus tomentosa). Last year more than 600 students from Ukraine participated observed budburst of cherry species and entered data to the GLOBE website

This year we invite students and teachers from other European GLOBE schools to participate in the campaign.

Duration: April, 1 – May, 16

During two month period students and their teachers observe the budburst of two cherry species:  of wild cherry (Prunus cerasus) and Nanking cherry (Prunus tomentosa) at the same time measuring air temperature at noon. You can observe either both species of just one. Students use standard GLOBE protocols on Green-Up and using Green-Up Protocol and Atmosphere Investigation Integrated 1-Day Data Sheet. The data then are entered to the GLOBE website.

Students are encouraged to upload photos, exchange information and discuss their research with each other using the GLOBE website and social media (

At the end of the campaign the data will be analyzed by GLOBE scientist and presented on the GLOBE website and on open webinar with expert scientist.

At the end students will learn about plant vegetation cycles, connections between budburst and temperature and create local collaboration with other GLOBE schools form Europe region.

Read more about last year Phenology Campaign “Cherry Ukraine” and see photos here.

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