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The Annual Meeting of International Projects in Israel
At The Annual Meeting Ceremony of International Projects 2017, GLOBE Israel recognized 28 GLOBE schools for their outstanding work throughout the year.  >>

Students Enjoy GLOBE Meeting in Bad Lippspringe, Germany
Students from three German schools met from 24 to 26 May 2017 in Bad Lippspringe, Germany to share their experiences and knowledge. The students presented their learning from yearlong activities while enjoying various outdoor activities planned for them and had a mutually satisfying and joyful time together.  >>

GLOBE Conference in Croatia
Students and teachers from 40 Croatian GLOBE schools took part in the 20th Annual GLOBE Conference and Competition held in Zadar from May 15 to May 17, 2017. The students presented their research projects and thoroughly enjoyed The GLOBE Survey Competition in the beautiful Zadar region covered with natural beauty.  >>

2017 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium Conclusions
Two schools from Europe and Eurasia Region received a stipend that will help to bring some selected students from these schools to the GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting in Connecticut this summer. Heartiest congratulations to the students of these schools and many thanks to all the participants, mentors and judges of 2017 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium.  >>

GLOBE Earth Day Celebrations in Estonia
A combination of creativity and enthusiasm made the Earth Day Celebrations by GLOBE in Estonia outstanding. GLOBE Estonia in cooperation with US Embassy in Tallinn organized various activities at several locations, thereby giving opportunities to many people to participate.  >>

Announcing the Student Stipends to Present Projects at the 2017 Annual Meeting
Congratulations to the students of four schools who were selected by random drawing today to receive a stipend to help defray the cost of attending the GLOBE Annual Meeting in News Haven Connecticut in New Haven this summer.  >>

Earth Day 2017 Video Contest
European region witnessed 48 schools from 7 countries competing in the 2017 Earth Day video Contest. Although all the videos submitted were excellent, only one got the opportunity to be featured in the Earth Day 2017 GLOBE Broadcast. Nevertheless we want to present all of them now.  >>

GLOBE Trot’ AIR Expedition in France
Students from France came together for The GLOBE Trot’ AIR Expedition, a 3 day field trip to the South West France organized within Calisph'Air – a project related to GLOBE Air Quality Campaign.  >>

Czech GLOBE Star 2017 – Czech GLOBE Schools awarded at the American Center, US Embassy in Prague
The most active GLOBE schools received Czech GLOBE Star award for their amazing work in the GLOBE Program. The ceremony was held under the auspices of the US Embassy in Prague.  >>

GLOBE Student Seminar in Estonia
A GLOBE Student Seminar took place on February 17th in Tartu, Estonia. The one-day-event was hosted by the Kristjan Jaak Peterson Gymnasium, a GLOBE school, and its pupils in cooperation with GLOBE Estonia. The seminar was aimed at GLOBE students and welcomed 40 participants from all over Estonia.  >>