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Student Phenology Campaign Cherry Ukraine 2016
In 2016 GLOBE Ukraine conducted a second Student Phenology Campaign “Cherry Ukraine 2016”. The aim of the campaign is to engage students in investigation of vegetation cycles of wild cherry (Prunus cerasus) and Nanking cherry (Prunus tomentosa) and to encourage to learn more about the environment.  >>

GLOBE Schools awarded at the US Embassy in Prague
Czech GLOBE team with a close cooperation of US Embassy has opened exhibition. „Children of GLOBE“ at the American Centre in Prague. The collection of photographs and posters introduces the story of students involved in GLOBE. As a part of this event, the most active schools were awarded for their amazing work in the GLOBE Program.  >>

Join the Unique GLOBE Games in the Czech Republic!
This year, the GLOBE Games will be hosted in the Czech Republic (Karvina) from 2-5 June. The event is open to GLOBE Country Coordinators, students, and teachers from around the world.  >>

Europe and Eurasia celebrates The GLOBE Program at the Regional Meeting in Poland
Annual Meeting of the GLOBE countries across Europe and Eurasia Region was hosted in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, with 22 countries represented.  >>

GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Meeting: Collaborate, Share, and Inspire.
Collaborate. Share. Inspire. These were the most frequent words one could hear during the meeting. All the participants agreed that the opportunity to meet once a year gives them the right stimulation for work with the GLOBE Program. The meeting provides room to highlight success of students and teachers, discuss crucial points of program implementation across countries and learn from each other.  >>

GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Involved in Regional Effort to Motivate and Attract Students to Science
Preparations are underway in eight GLOBE countries in Europe to launch a three-year EU-funded project designed to disseminate information about best practices in teaching science and engaging young people in science studies.  >>

GLOBE community meet in Estonia
This week, from April 9-14, 2013, GLOBE Europe and Eurasia is holding its annual meeting in Tallinn that brings together representative from 21 countries, including USA.  >>

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