Study Water in Our Environment Together with Students All Around the World
Is my water safe to drink? Is my water safe to swim or bathe in? New GLOBE ENSO Phase III Student Research Campaign "Water in Our Environment" will help you find the answers to these questions. Join the campaign community to learn about water in your environment and collaborate with others around the world.  >>

Join the GLOBE Games 2018 in the Czech Republic!
Join the GLOBE Games 2018 in the Czech Republic! Event Date: 05/31/2018 - 06/03/2018 Location: Humpolec, Czech Republic  >>

GLOBE Regional Meeting in Israel
GLOBE Israel hosted the GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Meeting and Training in Zichron Yaacov, the North of Israel, from 06-10 November.  >>

GLOBE Launch
EPA and An Taisce will work together to rollout the GLOBE citizen science programme in Ireland  >>

GLOBE Learning Expedition in Estonia
At the beginning of August, students and teachers from Estonian GLOBE schools gathered together to enjoy an active three-day GLOBE Learning Expedition. Students created a GLOBE-themed commercial, gathered data during fieldwork, went head to head in GLOBE Games, and much more.  >>

European Phenology Campaign 2017/2018 for Schools Starts Now!
The European Phenology Campaign 2017/2018 starts now. Within the campaign, students can observe autumn changes of trees using both the GLOBE green-down protocol and the GrowApp smartphone application. This year, the campaign focus is on seven tree species.  >>

GLOBE Games and Annual GLOBE Workshop for Teachers in Ukraine
In Ukraine, the beginning of summer was busy with GLOBE activities. Teachers had the opportunity to attend a conference and GLOBE training (held from 13-15 June) in Rivne. On top of that, students, teachers, and scientists got together at the GLOBE Games, which were organized from 19-22 June in Kyiv.  >>

Students Visit U.S. Embassy Wildlife Habitat in Bern/Switzerland
GLOBE students visit the U.S. Embassy Wildlife Habitat in Bern/Switzerland.  >>

Getting Science to People! Times of Malta Runs Article on GLOBE!
The Times of Malta recently published an article, “Can’t Get People to Science? Get Science to people!” promoting The GLOBE Program in Malta as a way to attract young people to science.  >>

GLOBE Games in Poland – Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of GLOBE Poland
Nearly 120 GLOBE members gathered in the middle of June 2017 in the Great Masurian Lake district, Poland, to exchange experiences, meet new friends, enjoy GLOBE activities, and last but not least, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of GLOBE Poland.  >>