Getting Started

Getting Started

In order to promote the wonderful opportunities the GISN provides and allow our members to better engage in the network and the broader GLOBE community, there will now be a requirement for GISN members to complete one GISN related activity per year starting in 2018. For a list of possible ways to participate, please see Ways to Participate.

1. Learn how to participate by viewing GISN Webinar 1 or the GLOBE Module for Scientists.

2. Set up your GISN account and update your profile:

  • Use the login information sent to your email to first log-in. After that you can create your own unique log-in.
  • Add a profile picture, video, and information about you and your research. See the GISN guide.
  • Use your profile to “friend” and connect to other members in the network.

3. Connect with the community: 

4. Create collaborations: Find members based on their investigation areas and protocols using the Find a Project Collaborator page.

5. Communicate with the GISN: Share ideas, documents, and questions on the GISN Message Board.

5. Participate

  • GISN Members must complete one GISN related activity per year
  • Check out this diagram of ways you can participate in the GISN and determine what level of involvement works for you based on your time and interests.
  • Write a blog post to share your scientific research with the community.
  • Propose a field campaign to get data from a lot of locations.

6. Learn more Watch the other GISN Webinars to learn more tools and tips for scientists interacting with teachers and students.