The GLOBE Implementation Office is pleased to announce a new project in partnership with the United States Department of State. The GLOBE Zika Education and Prevention project is a global initiative, connecting citizen scientists around the world.  These webpages are home to project information, digital resources, and provide a community gathering place for project participants.


Help Stop Mosquito-Borne Diseases with the GLOBE Observer App! Watch this video to see the Mosquito Habitat Mapper protocol being used by students in Brazil and Peru:


The GLOBE Zika Education and Prevention project will be pushing the edge of citizen science impact, aiming to enlist thousands of students, teachers, and community leaders to collect data on mosquitoes for a global mapping project.  This project has an ambitious target of 100,000 data submissions contributed by the end of 2019.  Global data collection on this scale will provide the information needed to help international scientists predict new outbreaks.

In this project, teachers, students and citizen scientists will safely collect larvae samples in 22 Zika-affected countries in three GLOBE regions.  The GLOBE Zika Education and Prevention project will encourage STEM studies and build networks with public health officials to better control mosquitoes and reduce mosquito-borne infectious disease.  Beyond the 22 Zika-affected countries identified, we encourage other GLOBE countries to join in this collaboration to help fight Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases. Stay tuned and join our newsletter for more information - including opportunities to learn about mosquitoes and this exciting new initiative.


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