For Country Coordinators and Trainers

For Country Coordinators and Trainers

Regional Coordination Offices, Country Coordinators, and trainers take a leading role in the GLOBE Zika Education and Prevention project. With the help of in-country trainers, GLOBE hopes to train hundreds of thousands of citizen scientists in the GLOBE Mosquito Protocol and limit the spread of Zika virus.

The "Train the Trainer" Model

This project relies on a basic Mosquito Protocol Train the Trainer Model:


GLOBE Training Workshops

GLOBE is grateful to have a worldwide network of partners and supporters to help facilitate the Regional Mosquito Trainings, Country Mosquito Trainings, and Local Mosquito Workshops that are at the core of this project.  If you will be creating a workshop in your area, please visit the Creating Workshops section of this website, where you will find videos and other resources to help you set up your mosquito training.  

Country Coordinator and Trainer Manual

This manual provides the planning and tracking forms to monitor the Country Mosquito Trainings (CMTs) at the country-level and the Local Mosquito Workshops (LMWs) at the local level within countries









See the Country Coordinator and Trainer Manual in Spanish here


Track CMT and LMW Progress (There are two versions):

- "GLOBE Workshop Tracker for pre- and post-survey countries" (to be filled out by the countries that are administering the surveys) 

- "GLOBE Workshop Tracker" (this is general for all countries that are not administering the survey) 

GLOBE Documents and Resources

See the Documents page for more project resources.

Contact to request certificates of successful completion for training participants.

Pre- and Post-Workshop Survey Resources

Click here to find resources for Pre- and Post-Workshop Survey Administration.