Creating Workshops

If you are a GLOBE Trainer or Country Coordinator participating in this project, you will create Country Mosquito Trainings (CMTs) and/or Local Mosquito Workshops (LMWs) using the GLOBE Workshop Tool.

GLOBE has created several video tutorials to help you successfully use the Workshop Tool. 

Please watch the videos below to learn about GLOBE's Workshop Tool.

To watch the full-size video on a separate page, click on the YouTube icon within the video player. You may also click the full-screen icon within the video player to watch the video on this page in full-screen mode.

*We include subtitles in our Workshop Tutorial videos to help our international audience. To learn how to enable subtitles and translate them into your language check out the following tutorial.

For Our International Audience: How to Translate Subtitles on a YouTube video 

Additional Workshop Resources in Spanish

Explicando el método científico

Uso de microscopio

Visualizar datos sobre Mosquitos GLOBE

GLOBE Mosquito Hábitat mapper

Peru's Virtual Mosquito Training Videos 

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Sesión 2

Sesión 3