GPM-GLOBE Webinars

All of the scheduled GPM-GLOBE Webinars for this field campaign have been completed, but you can access archives for each of the topics below.

  • "The GPM-GLOBE Student Field Campaign:" A webinar for teachers wishing to participate in the campaign, including background information about the mission, details about the events during the campaign, and a chance to ask any questions you have about how to get involved. Hosted by Kristen Weaver, GPM Education Specialist, on Wednesday, January 21st. A recording of the information from the webinar can be watched here and the presentation slides can be found here.

  • "GPM-GLOBE Field Campaign Student Kick-Off:" These short sessions are planned to be accessible to share with classes, and will be specially geared for students to learn general information about the campaign and the GPM mission. Hosted by the GPM Education and Communication Team on Monday, February 2nd with special guest Dr. Mark Kulie of the University of Wisconsin and member of the Precipitation Measurement Missions Science Team. Recordings are available of Session 1 (17:32, introduction, "For Good Measure" video and Q&A), Session 2 (7:16, introduction only, no Q&A) and Session 3 (17:33, introduction and Q&A).

  • "Ground Validation and Satellite Measurement:" A webinar for teachers (and citizen science observers) about how and why ground validation is done, and how it relates to satellite observations. Hosted by the GPM Education and Communication Team on Wednesday, February 18th 2015. Recordings are available of Session 1 (1:04:26) with Dr. Walter Peterson of NASA's Wallops Flight Facility and GPM's Ground Validation Science Manager and Session 2 (1:03:57) with Dr. Stephen Nesbitt of the University of Illinois and member of the GPM Ground Validation Team. The presentation slides themselves can be found here.

  • "Getting and Analyzing Precipitation Data:" A webinar for teachers about how to use the GLOBE Visualization System, get satellite data from My NASA Data and Giovanni, find other sources for ground data, and tips for helping your students do analyses. Hosted by the GPM Education and Communication Team on Wednesday, March 18th with guest presenter Gary Randolph from the GLOBE Implementation Office. Recordings: Session 1 (1:11:35) and Session 2 (1:07:53)

  • "Satellite Data and Extreme Events:" A webinar for teachers about how satellite data is used to study natural hazards and extreme events such as hurricanes, floods, and landslides. Hosted by the GPM Education and Communication Team on Wednesday, April 15th with special guest Dr. Robert Adler of the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC) at the University of Maryland and a member of the GPM Science Team. An error occurred with the recording of the first session, but the recording of Session 2 (00:55:55) is available here.Dr. Adler's presentation alone is also available is a YouTube video here (24:06).