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06 February: U.S. Teachers Watercooler Meetup

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U.S. GLOBE Teachers: Join the GLOBE Professional Learning Community (PLC) and hear how other GLOBE teachers use GLOBE with their students during a Teacher Watercooler meet-up at 8:00 p.m. ET (USA and Canada) on Thursday, 06 February.   

During the watercooler, Sesilynn Schleusner, a GLOBE teacher with the Alaska Boys and Girls Club in Metlakatla (Alaska, USA) will discuss her experience at the Northwest Student Research Symposium (SRS): preparing students, challenges and solutions to attending, and highlights of the event.

NOTE: If you are a teacher and would like to write a blog post or present at a virtual Watercooler (15-20 minute presentation) describing how you have helped students prepare for the Student Research Symposia (SRS) or have facilitated one particular step of the student research process, contact Haley Wicklein at for more information. 

To register for the watercooler, click here.

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