July 2020 U.S. Summary

First - congratulations to Dr. David Padgett from Tennessee State University! See below for links to the YES Medal award and details!

Catching up around here with the busy summer! Many Partners and teachers had the opportunity to attend the GLOBE Annual Meeting this year since it was virtual. Click on the link and you can view any presentations you missed. The student reports were amazing and the web team announced some new features coming our way soon! Don't miss the DEI Task Force session too! In other summer news:

Picture of Dr. David Padgett
Dr. David Padgett,
Tennessee State University

Partner News

US Regional GLOBE Student Research Symposia (SRS)


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  • From the #shutdownSTEM discussion with the GLOBE Partner community, the U.S. Partners and teachers decided to add a book discussion to our meet-ups. The first book group discussion was 31 July 2020 and covered the first half of “Teaching When the World is on Fire” edited by Lisa Delpit. An anonymous donor supported the purchase of 8 e-books for participants.
  • Dr. David Padgett, Rosalba Giarratano and Dr. Nikita Imani have provided consultation on the GLOBE SRS videos that are in development with regard to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Learned about Data Elevates (
  • Haley Wicklein started working on a hyperlinked version of the Carbon Travels Game (this will download a PDF of the original activity) which will assist teachers in using it in a virtual learning environment.
  • Met with the teachers during the B-WET/GLOBE professional development led by the University of Toledo and included teachers from the SUNY Fredonia, Wayne RESA and Northern Michigan University Partnerships. Topics included the U.S. GLOBE Program Facebook page, SRS resources and other U.S. initiatives.
  • In discussion with the USDA Forest Service regarding a Watercooler presentation for GLOBE Partners and teachers using the i-Tree MyTree app.
  • Attended the NASA Citizen Science Community Workshop Series:

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