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North American Regional Meeting (NARM) Fall 2019

North America Regional Meeting (NARM)




October 15th -17th 2019

UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science

One Centennial Drive, Berkeley, CA 94720

 Your Hosts: WestEd/CCASN at UC Berkeley GLOBE Partnership


Yes, this is the second NARM in 2019.  The NARM is shifting from Spring to Fall and this is the first fall meeting. 


Questions? Contact Tracy Ostrom ( or Svetlana Darche (


Schedule Overview

Tuesday, Oct 15: GLOBE Professional Development Workshop

Wednesday, Oct 16 - Thursday, Oct 17: GLOBE North American Regional Meeting

GLOBE Professional Development Workshop:

Click Here to view the Final Agenda for the Professional Development Workshop

Registration Fee: $35

*Registration Fee includes morning and afternoon Coffee/Tea Break and Lunch will be provided.

GLOBE North American Regional Meeting:

The two-day GLOBE North American Regional Meeting will offer opportunities to learn about the latest GLOBE developments and plans for the future. This is a great opportunity to network with other GLOBE Partners and learn from this incredible community. You must register for this event.

Click Here to view the Final Agenda for the NARM

Registration Fee: $75

*Registration Fee includes: a morning and afternoon Coffee/Tea Break, Lunch, as well as an evening reception on Wednesday, Oct 16th.


Wednesday’s Network Reception will be held from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at:

The Berkeley Yacht Club at the Berkeley Marina: 1 Seawall Dr, Berkeley, CA 94710

Lunch will be provided to participants on October 15th, 16th, 17th. Coffee and tea will be provided in the morning and afternoon.



Please click on the headers below for more information

Air Transportation:

Airport Options: San Francisco International or Oakland International Airports*

*Note: both airports are on the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART). The red or orange line lead to the Downtown Berkeley BART station. From there you will need to figure out how to get to your hotel, depending on the one you choose. For a map and schedule of BART, click HERE. BART fares are provided HERE. Uber/Lyft/Taxi services are also available at both airports but can be pricey and time consuming due to Bay Area traffic. You are better off taking Uber/Lyft/Taxi from the Downtown Berkeley BART station.


Rental Cars/Parking: There are plenty of rental car options at both airports. If you decide to rent a car, there is plenty of parking at the Lawrence Hall of Science at a rate of $1/hour. Check with your hotel on parking fees and availability.

There are no hotels within walking distance to the Lawrence Hall of Science, but there are a number of Berkeley hotels to choose from. A map of hotels and non-government rate pricing information is linked here from google maps. Notable hotels are: DoubleTree Hilton*, Holiday Inn Express, TravelLodge, Quality Inn University and La Quinta that are on University Ave. The Graduate Berkeley Hotel is located on Durant and is newly remodeled. Some hotels do not provide breakfast and there is no breakfast at the NARM or PD Workshop, so consider that when making your hotel choice.

*Note: Wednesday’s Network Reception will be held from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club at the Berkeley Marina, just around the corner from the DoubleTree Hilton hotel. The DoubleTree also has a free shuttle service to the Downtown Berkeley BART station at the top of the hour and from the BART station to the hotel at the bottom of the hour.


The Lawrence Hall of Science is located at One Centennial Drive, Berkeley, CA 94720 but is not accessible by bike or on foot. Options to get to our meeting location are as follows:

· Bear Transit – 7:35 am departure from Downtown Berkeley BART and arrives at LHS at 7:49 am. There is no guarantee of available seats on Bear Transit. See a map and time schedule of the Hill Service Shuttle.

· Uber/Lyft/Taxi – from your hotel is also an option.

· AC Transit The #65 bus runs hourly every day from the Downtown Berkeley BART station to the Hall. For more information, please visit the Bay Area Traveler Guide at 511 or call "511" from any local area code to ask about AC Transit.

· Private Car – There is plenty of parking at the Lawrence Hall of Science at a rate of $1/hour.


What is a Lightning Talk?

A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes. Several lightning talks will usually be delivered by different speakers in a single session.


Guidelines for NARM Lightning Talks:

A “lightning talk” is an opportunity to give a brief, dynamic presentation on a discrete, innovative strategy, approach, practice, or tool.

  • A hard limit of 6 minutes. (A maximum of two presenters is recommended.)
  • Intended to showcase your strategy, approach, practice, or tool, NOT your organization.
  • The aim is to inspire your GLOBE peers to learn more about your work.


Overall Format:

  • Three to four lightning talks will comprise each lightning talk session.
  • Each talk will have 6 minutes from start to finish.
  • After the final talk, presenters will take questions and comments from the audience and facilitate a discussion in small break-out groups (~35 minutes).

o  Possible discussion prompts:  What are your clarifying questions? What ideas were prompted by my presentation? In what way(s) did my presentation (strategy, approach, practice or tool) relate to your STEM education efforts? Are there any follow-up steps we can take to further this discussion?


Visual Aids:

  • If you opt to use slides, keep slides simple, with little text and lots of large images. Please see Jen to upload your slides (no more than 7) onto a single computer.
  • If you are not using a visual presentation, we will project the title of your talk and the name of the presenter(s).



  • Pose a question to be answered or a position to be defended at the start of your talk. What is the key message that you want your peers to take away?
  • Explain the strategy/practice/tool clearly: define jargon; provide context of its applicability; illustrate it with at least one example.
  • Refer to the “how” of your approach: What main steps of implementation need to be followed? What circumstances need to be in place for it to work effectively?
  • Explain existing or potential challenges with this approach, with ideas on how to overcome those challenges.
  • Include information about how peers can collaborate and learn more.
  • Most importantly, “make your point, make it quickly.”



Modified from SELC Lightning Talk Guidelines by Lara Gengarelly, UNH.


If you cancel your registration for any reason on or before 1 September 2019, you will be refunded your total registration cost (less processing fees).  Cancellations on or after 15 September 2019 for any reason will be refunded at 50% of the registration cost (less processing fees). Cancellations on or after 24 September 2019 are NOT eligible for a refund.

Please be advised that the US Partner Forum Representatives will meet on October 14th at a separate meeting location on the Berkeley Campus. Space is limited but open to the GLOBE Community.  If you are interested in attending this meeting, please email Tracy Ostrom at or Steven Smith by September 23rd. Information concerning the limitations of your participation and location and time of the meeting will be provided to you if space is available.

*A morning and afternoon Coffee/Tea break as well as Lunch will only be provided for USPF Members only.

The NARM meeting would not be possible without the generous support and help of our local hosts. 

If you are interested in hosting the next GLOBE North American Regional Meeting in fall of 2020, please complete the following Hosting a GLOBE NARM Questionnaire by September 23rd. Your completed form must be submitted and approved to be considered for Hosting a future NARM.

Here is a link to the NARM Host Form: 

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Events origin: United States of America