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St. Peter’s School 2022 Student Research Symposium Highlights
GLOBE Teacher Janene Smith hosted a Student Research Symposium for students at St. Peter’s School in Mansfield, Ohio.  >>

Mescalero Apache School 2022 Student Research Symposium Highlights
A Student Research Symposium was held on 30 April 2022, in Mescalero, New Mexico, at the Mescalero Apache School, hosted by GLOBE Teacher Nate Raynor.  >>

GLOBE Teacher Vicky Gorman Uses GLOBE to Foster Authentic Science Learning with Students
GLOBE Teacher Vicky Gorman (New Jersey, USA) reflects on how The GLOBE Program changed her teaching practices, and her past 10 years using GLOBE with her students in and out of the classroom.  >>

NASA Langley Partners with Camp Discovery and Longleaf Middle School: ZooBot Magnet in a GLOBE Surface Temperature Investigation
Longleaf Middle School: ZooBot Magnet recently completed a surface temperature investigation with students in partnership with the NASA Langley GLOBE Partnership and Camp Discovery.   >>

49+ GLOBE-related projects presented at the 2021 AGU Fall Meeting
The GLOBE Community outdid itself this year with over 50 GLOBE-related projects presented at the 2021 AGU Fall Meeting. Authors included Partners, community members, NASA and GIO, as well as GLOBE students.  >>

Infinity Science Center Uses GLOBE to Engage Teachers and Students in Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences
The INFINITY Science Center (ISC) GLOBE Partnership recently wrapped up their NOAA B-WET project entitled ISC Watershed Education & Environmental Impact Program, engaging students and teachers in Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs) using GLOBE.  >>

MULTI STEM Institute Update
In June 2021, the team led a scaled-back institute with about 15 participants at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge near Denver. At the institute, GLOBE was integrated methods used by biology professor Dawn Cummings at her Rio Mora field course. Several “alumni” from the Rio Mora field course also led activities.  >>

NH Elementary Students Explore the Ground Beneath Their Feet with the Soil Tent Program
Students from Moharimet Elementary School (Madbury, NH) and Mast Way Elementary School (Lee, NH) got outside this fall to explore soils with the Soil Tent Program.  >>

Allometry ... Not - a Llama Tree, Get it?
The GLOBE Carbon Cycle project was initially completed in 2012 by a scientist and educator team at the University of New Hampshire in collaboration with peers in the Czech Republic. This piece by project coordinator Sarah Sallade describes the project and the multitude of ways carbon cycle can be incorporated into the classroom.  >>

GLOBE Has Been a Continuing Tradition for 26 Years at Kingsburg High School
Kingsburg High School (CA) is a model of how GLOBE can be a sustainable program that benefits both teachers and students.  >>