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Congratulations to U.S. GLOBE Student Researchers!
Congratulations to all the U.S. GLOBE students that participated in the International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) and the Student Research Symposia (SRS) this year!    >>

Midwest U.S. GLOBE Partnership Spring Roundup
GLOBE Partnerships in the Midwest have been busy this spring! Check out their exciting GLOBE work here.  >>

2022 U.S. GLOBE Student Research Symposia summary
U.S. GLOBE partners reported that 212 students presented a total of sixty-eight projects to their peers and STEM professional reviewers between 22 April 2022 (Earth Day) and 23 May 2022.  >>

NASA SEES Internship students to be hosted by GLOBE Mission EARTH this summer
GLOBE Mission EARTH will host two groups of students participating in the NASA SEES (STEM Enhancement in Earth Science) this summer. UHIE (Urban Heat Island Effect) Group will include 12 students. A new group of six students is being developed to examine air quality.  >>

University of Toledo GLOBE Mission EARTH to Study Algal Blooms in Lake Erie with OH Students and Teachers
The University of Toledo GLOBE Mission EARTH team has received funding from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund to educate local teachers and their students on environmental issues by visiting Earth Heart Farms in Oak Harbor, Ohio to study the relationship of farm runoff and the algal blooms in Lake Erie.  >>

Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy 2022 Student Research Symposium Highlights
During the afternoon on 11 May 2022, twenty-seven students from three schools attended a Student Research Symposium at Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy in Metairie, LA, hosted by GLOBE Teacher Kristin Oliveri.  >>

Collaborations Across the United States with the AREN Project and GLOBE Mission EARTH
The University of Toledo GLOBE Mission EARTH team (GME-UT) is extending its work with the AEROKATS & ROVER Education Network (AREN) project for the second year.  >>

A Successful Second Year for University of Toledo's "GLOBE Kids Club"
In the spring of 2022, the University of Toledo (UT) has led the efforts of "Kids Club", an after school enrichment program, for their second year.  >>

Chabot Space and Science Center 2022 Student Research Symposium Highlights
Thirty-three students from four high schools attended the Student Research Symposium at Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, CA on 5 May 2022.  >>

The Toledo Zoo and Aquarium 2022 Student Research Symposium Highlights
On 23 May 2022, forty-seven students from two schools gathered at The Toledo Zoo and Aquarium in Toledo, Ohio, for the Student Research Symposium supported by GLOBE Partner Jodi Haney.  >>