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Allometry ... Not - a Llama Tree, Get it?
The GLOBE Carbon Cycle project was initially completed in 2012 by a scientist and educator team at the University of New Hampshire in collaboration with peers in the Czech Republic. This piece by project coordinator Sarah Sallade describes the project and the multitude of ways carbon cycle can be incorporated into the classroom.  >>

GLOBE Has Been a Continuing Tradition for 26 Years at Kingsburg High School
Kingsburg High School (CA) is a model of how GLOBE can be a sustainable program that benefits both teachers and students.  >>

Salish Kootenai College Uses GLOBE Data to Answer Questions About Place
Dr. Wren Walker Robbins is part of the GLOBE partnership at Salish Kootenai College (SKC) located on the Flathead Reservation in Northwest Montana. GLOBE, according to Dr Walker Robbins, fits with the pervasive integration approach as GLOBE data is useful for the community to answer questions about place.  >>

GLOBE and the Natural Inquirer Crosswalk Project
The U.S. GLOBE Office is working in partnership with the USDA Forest Service to develop educational products highlighting connections between Natural Inquirer issues and GLOBE program protocols and activities. The project is looking for in-service and pre-service teachers familiar with either program to highlight the connections between Natural Inquirer issues and GLOBE resources in a blog or social media post.  >>

GLOBE Partners Elevate Citizen Science at CitSciVirtual and NASA CitSciCon
GLOBE Partners and community members continue to elevate citizen science and GLOBE every day. In the spring of 2021, 13 presentations were given by GLOBE Partners at the CitSciVirtual conference and the NASA CitSciCon.  >>

NASA Goddard and Legacy Bridges STEM Academy, Inc. Team Up to Develop Pre-College to College STEM Pipeline
NASA Goddard and Legacy Bridges STEM Academy, Inc. will launch a STEM Pilot Program this fall based around student scientific research, particularly for PA Mid-Atlantic Region HBCU’s and Minority Serving Institutions.  >>

Campers will Collaborate, Connect, and Collect Data in "GLOBE Goes to Camp" Pilot
Twelve summer camps will participate in the "GLOBE Goes to Camp” Pilot this summer. Campers will connect with NASA scientists, collect local environmental data, and collaborate with other campers.  >>

South Dakota Discovery Center Uses Land Cover Protocol to Build Watershed Resilience
The South Dakota Discovery Center is using the GLOBE Observer Land Cover protocol as part of its watershed information and outreach efforts to help watershed managers understand water quantity and water quality issues.  >>

Move Ideas into Practice with the NASA Citizen Science Event Series
Sarah Kirn, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, describes past NASA Citizen Science Event Series and looks forward to the next sequence of events, beginning late summer.  >>

GLOBE Schools in Texas Plan Campus Nature Walk for Earth Day
Elementary schools in Northside ISD (Texas) will use native planting sites as part of a campus nature walk on Earth Day, 2021.  >>