2017 GLOBE Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Student Research Symposium

Students, Teachers, and Partners at the Northeast Symposium

Students present at the Northeast SRS  Students present at the Northeast SRS  Students present at the Northeast SRS

Projects Presented at the 2017 Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Student Research Symposium:
Project Title School
How Do Aerosols Vary in Different Regions St. Francis Xavier, PA
Investigating Dangerous Levels of Lead and Relationship to pH in Local Soil St. Francis Xavier, PA
A Comparison of Relative Humidity and the Effects of Air Quality on Swimmers St. Francis Xavier, PA
Comparing Pond Water Quality in Spring and Fall St. Francis Xavier, PA
Comparing Temperatures from Levels of the Atmosphere with Current Air, Surface and Soil (award winner) St. Francis Xavier, PA
The Fluffy Marshmallows in the Sky: how do Clouds Impact Surface Temperature (award winner) Samuel Slater, RI
Climate Change and Effects on Allergy Season in Burlington County Riverton School, NJ
Relationship of Soil pH and Creek Water pH Riverton School, NJ
Climate Change:Effects on Tick Population and Disease in Burlington County Riverton School, NJ
CO2 Sequestration by Trees: An Evaluation of the Woody Biomass on the MBS Campus (award winner) Morristown-Beards School, NJ
Soil Temperature Comparisons: Angelica Wetlands vs. Northeast Middle School Northeast Middle School, PA
Escaping the Island (peer choice award) Rutgers Prep School, NJ
Palmyra Cove Nature Park's Preschool Program Monitors Two Individual Trees for GLOBE's Green-up Protocol Palmyra Cove, NJ
How Do Surfaces Affect Soil Temperature (award winner) Moorestown Friends School, NJ
Growth of Garlic Mustard Based on Light Intensity Moorestown Friends School, NJ
How Moist if your Soil? Moorestown Friends School, NJ
Evaluating Water Quality Due to Runoff Barboursville Middle, WV
Evaluating the Effect of Air Temperature on Water Temperature Barboursville Middle, WV
Four Pole Creek Project Huntington High, WV
Four Pole Creek Site #4 Huntington High, WV
Cloud Coverage vs. Surface Temperature Huntington High, WV
Meta-Analysis of pH Values in SEAC Creek Mahopac High, NY
The Use of MacroInvertebrates in Determining Water Quality in the NYC Watershed Mahopac High, NY
Correlation of Soil Gravimetric and Volumetric Water Content Measurements using GLOBE SMAP Pattern Protocol (award winner) Memorial Middle, NJ
Precipitation and Soil Moisture (award winner) Memorial Middle, NJ
Middle School Students Checking to See if thye are Helping SMAP Scientists (award winner) Memorial Middle, NJ
How Rainfall Affects Soil Moisture Melvin H Kreps, NJ
The Albedo Effect Melvin H Kreps, NJ
The Effect of Soil Moisture on the Health of Plants Melvin H Kreps, NJ
The Effects of Humidity on Soil Moisture Melvin H Kreps, NJ
Is the Water at the Recreational Rockingham Trail Bridge Healthy? (award winner) Ellis School, NH
Quality of the Exeter River Water at the Recreational Rockingham Trail Bridge (award winner) Ellis School, NH
The Warming Earth: Great for Bugs, Bad for People Merchantville Elementary, NJ
Is Merchantville's School Ground an Urban Heat Island? Merchantville Elementary, NJ


Symposium Leadership Team: