2017 GLOBE Southwest Regional Student Research Symposium

Students present at the Southwest SRS  Students present at the Southwest SRS  Students present at the Southwest SRS

Science activities at the Southwest SRS

Projects Presented at the 2017 Southwest Student Research Symposium:
Title School
The Effect of Soil Density on Plant Growth UT-Tyler Longview, TX
Passive Solar Still Phase II (award winner) Westview Middle School, CO
Cloud Seeding and the Effects on Communities in the Colorado Area Westview Middle School, CO
Discovering the effects of geology, vegetation, and urbanization on bodies of water by testing the pH andalkalinity in streams, ponds, and lakes. UT-Tyler Tyler, TX
Soil and Moisture Retention (award winner) UT-Tyler Tyler, TX
The Effect of Land Development on Soil pH (award winner) UT-Tyler Longview, TX
Toxic Waters (award winner) Hawkins High School, TX
Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen Levels UT-Tyler Palestine, TX
Water and Animals: Ground Zero for the next Plague (award winner) Harmony High School, TX
Macro-invertebrates and Water Chemistry in Boulder Creek Alexander Dawson School, CO
Disolved Oxygen Decrease (award winner) UT-Tyler Palestine, TX
Healthy Freshwater Conditions for Turtles UT-Tyler Palestine, TX


Symposium Leadership Team:

  • Richard Wagner, Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO