2017 GLOBE Pacific Regional Student Research Symposium

Students at the Pacific SRS
Projects Presented at the 2017 Pacific Student Research Symposium:
Title School
Testing the Waters: Kaelepulu Water Quality - Social and Community Impact Kao Hao Public Charter School (HI)
Testing Temperature, Transparency and Nitrates at the Kaelepulu Canal Kao Hao Public Charter School (HI)
Bacteria and Temperature: Is There a Connection Irving STEAM Magnet School (CA)
Do Satellites Provide Accurate Measurements Irving STEAM Magnet School (CA)
The Relationship Between Humidity and the Biosphere Skyline HS (CA)
Heavy Rainfall Follows Record Drought Oakand HS (CA)
Aerosol Optical Thickness in Southern California MetSacramento HS (CA)
Canal Crew Investigation Arise HS (CA)
The Effects Wetlands Have on the Atmosphere Antioch, HS (CA)

Symposium Leadership Team: