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October Tech Update

If you had not heard already, there is an annular eclipse happening this October (14 October). This eclipse will be visible for those residing in some of GLOBE’s regions too. In preparation for this special astronomical event the Data and Information Systems (DIS) team has been working on implementing the Eclipse tool within The GLOBE Program’s app, GLOBE Observer. With any big work such as this, the team has been doing a lot of testing and making sure that the environment setup is ready to handle the big load that is expected on eclipse day.   

If within the eclipse zone, please be sure to use the GLOBE Observer app to make temperature, clouds, and land cover measurements. And as always, please practice eclipse eye safety and only look at an eclipse if wearing protective eyewear designed for an eclipse. Learn more about the eclipse and eye safety, here

The DIS team is also working on several more improvements to the GLOBE website, such as:

  • A new menu system. This should be in place this October. This “Megamenu” will allow users to see the site navigation much more easily and find the information they are looking for more quickly too.  
  • Improvements and simplifications to the navigation structure as part of this megamenu rollout.  
  • As discussed in previous Tech Updates, certain protocols are scheduled to be deactivated. We expect that work to begin in October. All of the teacher guide content and data will remain available in a new “Deactivated Protocols” section of the website. 
  • And here’s a “heads up” for a new feature the team is building which will allow the GLOBE community to upload their own learning activities. This way, all within the community will be able to share what they’ve created with each other.  This is still in the works, but the team is hopeful everyone will contribute to it once it is up and running.

And as always, please send any comments, suggestions or issues to the helpdesk.

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office