YCC Campaign

Year of Climate and Carbon Campaign

A circular picture of a tree with white roots against green grass. Text next to the picture states: “Year of climate and carbon, A GLOBE Action Awareness Campaign."

Campaign Dates: August 2023 - August 2024

GLOBE is committed to climate education and an understanding of carbon in the Earth System. To better understand carbon at local scales, where it is and how it is measured, GLOBE students are invited to consider what environmental changes are emerging in their local ecosystems and how they can pursue further understanding by collecting phenological and biomass data.

During this campaign, a deeper understanding of climate will be facilitated through data collection using GLOBE protocols as well as learning activities in and out of the classroom. Specifically, students will explore the Green-up, Green-down and Carbon Cycle protocols that align with the North America Phenology Campaign, the Trees Around the LAC Campaign, the European Phenology Campaign and other ongoing climate-related GLOBE initiatives across the GLOBE community. 

Students are encouraged to share what they learn at the 2024 International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) using the theme, "Climate Investigations: Understanding Earth as a System." Students can also participate in the campaign by submitting their project to a regional Student Research Symposium as well as other GLOBE student symposia. 

Note: This campaign will support, and collaborate with, ongoing and upcoming campaigns and data initiatives around each GLOBE region. Learn more about how to participate in these initiatives on the Climate-related GLOBE Campaigns and IOPs page.  



  1. Learn about and explore the essential principles of Earth’s climate system by focusing on Green-up and Green-down protocols (grades K-6) and Carbon Cycle activities (grades 6-12+). According to the Climate Literacy Guide, the essential principles include:
    • Understanding how the Sun influences Earth climates.

    • Exploring climate as a complex system.

    • Learning about how life is a major driver of the global carbon cycle and influences the climate.

    • Understanding why climate varies and how it is influenced by man-made processes.

    • Exploring how the general understanding of climate is improved through observations and research.

  2. Explore the interconnections with other protocols that connect to climate and carbon questions, such as the following GLOBE Protocol Bundles:
  3. Organize, analyze and visualize data using GLOBE, NASA and local databases, including:
  4. Share carbon-focused climate data stories to inspire further beneficial actions in your local environment and the GLOBE community. These data stories may be shared through blogs, the IVSS, different student research symposia or other meetings and events.



How to participate YCC

How to Participate

GLOBE students and other participants will have the opportunity to a earn digital badge by completing one or more of the following:

  • Enter GLOBE data 
  • Collaborate with another GLOBE student or classroom
    • Partner, compare, and share your climate and carbon data with a student or classroom from a different GLOBE country or region by using GLOBE Teams.
  • Submit a student report
    • Take your climate and carbon data to the next step by submitting a research report to the International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS), a local/regional Student Research Symposium or other community science fair. Tell your climate and carbon story using any storytelling tool, such as videos, storyboards, ArcGIS StoryMaps, drawings and other story formats. 
  • Take action
    • Use your climate and carbon data and story to make a difference in your local community. Share how you benefited the environment through your actions by sharing a photo or description by sending an email to globecampaigns@ucar.edu.
  • Participate in a local or regional climate-related campaign or Intensive Observation Period (IOP).

YCC Main Note

Note: In addition to the activities listed above, webinars from different GLOBE community members and subject matter experts will be facilitated by the GLOBE Implementation Office. Learn more about the Year of Climate and Carbon Campaign Webinars.

Campaign Participation Form

This form helps the GIO record participants in the Year of Climate and Carbon Campaign and helps GLOBE staff members highlight those participants on various GLOBE social media platforms.