Climate-related GLOBE Campaigns and IOPs

Climate-related GLOBE Campaigns and IOPs

The Year of Climate and Carbon Campaign will support, and work in collaboration with, various campaigns and Intensive Observation Periods (IOPs) throughout GLOBE's regions. GLOBE students can also earn digital badges for the Year of Climate and Carbon Campaign by participating in any of the regional campaigns below:

GLOBE Regional Abbreviations:

  • A: Africa
  • AP: Asia and Pacific
  • EE: Europe and Eurasia
  • LAC: Latin America and The Caribbean 
  • NA: North America
  • NENA: Near East and North Africa
Initiative Participating GLOBE Regions Initiative Dates
Air Quality AP, EE, NA, January - April 2023*
October - November 2023
Trees around the GLOBE All Regions September 2018 - September 2023
Trees around LAC  LAC February 2023 - December 2023

Phenology - EE
Phenology - NA

EE, NA EE: February - June 2023*
NA: September 2023 - December 2023
Water Bodies A, AP, EE

Africa: April - May, 2023*
AP: September - October, 2023
EE: 22 March - 20 May, 2023*

Urban Heat Island Effect All Regions March, October, December 2023
Mission Mosquito All Regions No deadline set
Expedition to the Sea AP (Maldives) October 2023 - *
Clouds Data Challenge All Regions April 2024
Trees Data Challenge All Regions October/November 2023 
Mission SnowGLOBE  NA (USA) January - March 2023*
NASA Moon Trees Quest NA  21 June - 21 September 2023
Eclipse NA, LAC October 2023
April 2024
NO2 in the Air EE (Netherlands) Spring 2024


Note: Past initiatives noted with an asterisk (*) will be renewed and updated to align with the Year of Climate and Carbon Campaign's 2023-2024 schedule. Check back later for updated information on the dates of specific supporting initiatives.