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Welcome to the Europe and Eurasia Region page

Visit the GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Website

The primary role of each Regional Coordination Office is to conduct support services to the countries in their respective region, rather than have this support stem solely from the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO). In general, each GLOBE Regional Coordination Office is responsible to provide the following services:

  • Help Desk and basic support services to all community members in the region;
  • Sustainability through identification and generation of external funding from sources within and outside of the region;
  • Translation of relevant GLOBE and GIO communications and regionally-produced materials in the languages of the region if needed, and dissemination of information to community members;
  • Recruitment of community members in existing countries and identification and assistance of recruitment of new countries in the region in collaboration with the GIO Director (or designee); 
  • Logistical organization of regional student research campaigns and any other events (including the Annual Region Meeting) as outlined and agreed upon by the Regional Governance Board or advisory committees;
  • Building and collaborating with the region's Alumni and Scientist Network; and
  • Record keeping and evaluation reporting as required by the GIO.

Unique GLOBE Games 2016 in the Czech Republic
Every year, the beginning of the summer in the Czech Republic is always the most important time for the GLOBE program. Why? Because GLOBE Games is coming!  >>

Student Phenology Campaign Cherry Ukraine 2016
In 2016 GLOBE Ukraine conducted a second Student Phenology Campaign “Cherry Ukraine 2016”. The aim of the campaign is to engage students in investigation of vegetation cycles of wild cherry (Prunus cerasus) and Nanking cherry (Prunus tomentosa) and to encourage to learn more about the environment.  >>

GLOBE Schools awarded at the US Embassy in Prague
Czech GLOBE team with a close cooperation of US Embassy has opened exhibition. „Children of GLOBE“ at the American Centre in Prague. The collection of photographs and posters introduces the story of students involved in GLOBE. As a part of this event, the most active schools were awarded for their amazing work in the GLOBE Program.  >>

Last chance to join GLOBE Games 2016 in Czech Republic!
Registration is open until May 1st. Need to know more about GLOBE Games? Check out the video from last year...  >>

Join the Unique GLOBE Games in the Czech Republic!
This year, the GLOBE Games will be hosted in the Czech Republic (Karvina) from 2-5 June. The event is open to GLOBE Country Coordinators, students, and teachers from around the world.  >>


Join Phenology campaign for Europe and Eurasia!
We are very happy to announce the new Phenology campaign for spring 2017. We will have a brand new app with which students can make a time lapse movie of how trees are changing during the season. At the same time they gather GLOBE phenology and atmosphere data and compare their results to satellite data in the app.  >>

GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Meeting 2016 in Germany is coming soon!
On behalf of the University of Cologne, GLOBE Deutschland, GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Board, GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Region Coordination Office and GLOBE Program Implementation Office, we are very pleased to invite you to the 2016 GLOBE Annual Meeting for Europe and Eurasia.This year, it will be held in Cologne, Germany from 26th to 30th September. Registration is open now.  >>

Join Picture Contest 2016!
GLOBE Europe and Eurasia is launching a photo contest for students: Tell us about the GLOBE Program at your school! Be a part of a GLOBE at My School Picture Contest. Contribute to the 2017 GLOBE at My School Calendar. Upload the pictures to the Image Gallery at your School Page in the period September 1 to 30!  >>

Join the unique GLOBE Games in the Czech Republic!
4-day meeting of GLOBE teachers, students and CC.  >>

Join Ukrainian student phenology campaign!
GLOBE Ukraine announces a second student phenology campaign. The aim of the campaign is to engage students in investigation of the vegetation cycles of wild cherry (Prunus cerasus) and Nanking cherry (Prunus tomentosa).  >>

Organization Measurements and Accomplishments


  • 2,968 Teachers
  • 217 Pre-Service Teachers
  • 46,281,590 Data Entries
  • 4,322 Schools
  • 65,855 Students
  • Recognition
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