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Biometry (including Tree Height), Biosphere Supporting Protocols
Biosphere Protocol Instructions
Resources needed for running the Biomass Accumulation Model.
Carbon Cycle
Students measure properties of vegetation and identify species in order to classify land cover using the MUC System and to provide supplemental information about their site.
Biometry (including Tree Height), Biosphere Protocol Instructions
Biosphere Protocol Instructions
Biosphere Data Sheets
Students construct and use the clinometer by following the directions and using the formula below. The clinometer also lends itself for additional hands-on teaching exercises of trigonometric principles
Biosphere Protocol Instructions
Students will use the compass to set up field sites that can be measured and returned to every year. In addition, the a compass is used to help orientate soil temperature and moisture sites, ensure that the door to the Atmosphere Instrument Shelter is facing away from the Equator, and in noting direction on all site maps.
Biosphere Protocol Instructions
A densiometer is an instrument used for taking measurements of canopy cover as part of the biometry measurements described in the Biometry Protocol. Students will follow these directions to construct and use the densiometer.
Biosphere Protocol Instructions
The GLOBE Program uses the Modified UNESCO Classification (MUC) System, a classification system which follows international standards and uses ecological terminology for the identification of specific land cover classes.
Biosphere Protocol Instructions
Students use a tape measure often when taking measurements at Land Cover Sample Sites. It is critical that you use the tape measure in the correct manner. This portocol will help students become familiar with the tape measure.

Tree Height
With the Trees observation, users locate, measure the height of, and take a photograph of trees. Each GLOBE Observer tree height observation includes finding a tree or trees and taking tree height measurements using the smartphone cameras and the Trees tool built-in angle measuring techniques.

Biosphere Protocol Instructions
A summary of learning activities for the biosphere investigation area.
Biometry (including Tree Height), Biosphere, Land Cover Classification Learning Activities
Arctic Bird Migration, Biometry (including Tree Height), Biosphere, Carbon Cycle, Fire Fuel, Green-Up / Green-Down, Land Cover Classification, Phenological Gardens
Green-Up / Green-Down, Land Cover Classification, Phenological Gardens Data Sheets, Site Definition Sheets