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Throughout the campaign, we will post updates about data collection and analysis, as well as guest blogs from scientists about how they study El Niño and teachers doing data collection with their students.  Check back soon for more details.

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Getting excited about the launch of NASA's next Earth-observing mission! 

The newest satellite to monitor global sea level is ready for its journey into space. Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich, the latest in a series of spacecraft designed to monitor the global ocean, is...

Curriculum: Education Research Science and Math Technology STEM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Field Campaigns: Seasons and Biomes Watersheds El Niño GPM GLOBE Science Topics: Climate Climate Change Data Included General Science Earth as a System Earth System Science Scientist Skills GLOBE Working Groups: Science Working Group Education Working Group Technology Working Group DEI Working Group Investigation Areas: Atmosphere Atmosphere » Water Vapor Earth As a System Atmosphere » Precipitation Hydrosphere » Water Temperature Biosphere » Green-Up / Green-Down Biosphere » Land Cover Classification Learning Activities: Earth as a System » S2: What Are Some Factors That Affect Seasonal Patterns? Earth as a System » S4: Modeling the Reasons for Seasonal Change Earth as a System » S5: Seasonal Change on Land and Water Earth as a System » LC2: Representing the study site in a diagram Earth as a System » LC3: Using graphs to show connections Earth as a System » We're All Connected: Earth System Interactions Earth as a System » S3: How Do Seasonal Temp Patterns Vary Among Different World Regions? Hydrology » Water Walk Hydrology » Model a Catchment Basin Hydrology » Practicing Your Protocols Hydrology » Water Detectives Hydrology » Model Your Water Balance Hydrology » Measure Up Hydrology » Water Wonders Primary Audience: Alumni Country Coordinators Partners Scientists Students Teachers Trainers Student Research Reports: Standard Research Report U.S. Student Research Symposia (SRS) Mission Earth Report Mission Mosquito Report

Urban Heat Island Student Research Campaign

Even with the pandemic, participation the campaign has been good. Although the number of schools participating and the total number of observations was down from last year, it was still a nice...

Field Campaigns: Surface Temperature

NASA Releases Two New Tree Related Feature Videos

NASA has released two new amazing videos related to trees, tree height and tree research.

Learn about NASA's next upcoming Earth-observing satellite: Sentinel-6

Did you know that very soon, a new Earth-observing satellite will join the fleet of satellites that are monitoring the health of our home planet? The launch of the joint U.S.- European Sentinel-6...

Curriculum: STEM Science and Math Technology Event Topics: Campaigns and Projects (IOPs, etc) Science Symposia and Fairs Field Campaigns: Seasons and Biomes El Niño GPM GLOBE Science Topics: Earth System Science Climate Earth as a System Scientist Skills GLOBE Working Groups: Education Working Group Investigation Areas: Atmosphere Earth As a System News Topics: Calendar Primary Audience: Partners Scientists Alumni Trainers Country Coordinators Teachers Students Student Research Reports: U.S. Student Research Symposia (SRS) Mission Earth Report International Virtual Science Symposium Report

Looking at Online Data Tools for Student Research for Trees - Video Tutorials

As you know, there are so many online tools that you can analyze, visualize, and retrieve data and imagery for student and professional research. Our campaign team knows that it can be tough to...

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