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The colors of autumn in full swing in the Czech Republic

Bára Semeráková, modified 4 Years ago.
Jedi Knight Posts: 15 Join Date: 6/29/12 Recent Posts
Let´s take a walk throught the splendid scenery of the autumn woods around Czech Republic together with a phenology scientist Lenka Hajkova: The maple tree leaves shine all the different shades of yellow, red, purple and brown color, especially in the highlands. The typical color for the green-down of a birch tree is bright yellow, however, we hardly enjoyed the yellow-golden phase this year as the birch trees started to shed the leaves quite fast. The same applies for many other species, often the leaves fall off before they even go through the full color change. Following maple and birch, there are many other trees that loose their greenness to other colorful pigments this week: lime, hazel, cherry, beech, oak and rowan to name a few. At some of the mountain areas one can observe that even the larch woods have turned their needles yellow.From the phenologists point of view we can say that the phase of leave yellowing and falling off is on from 10% to 100% . The full 100% green-down stage of birch you can see on the picture attached.Tell us how is it going on in your country! What colors do you see?
Antonija Kojundžić, modified 4 Years ago.
Padawan Posts: 9 Join Date: 11/1/15 Recent Posts
Greetings from Croatia (Elementary School Ivana Filipovića, Osijek)
Birch in our school garden are still quite green. Yellow leaves are ringing! We'll let you know the changes ...


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