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Autumn 2021 Campaign

Dolores Dobrinjkic, modified 4 Months ago.
Padawan Posts: 9 Join Date: 11/14/15 Recent Posts

My name is Dolores Dobrinjkic. I am a GLOBE teacher at Natural Sciences and Graphics Arts school in Rijeka (Prirodoslovna i graficka skola Rijeka). For 2021 autumn phenology campaign students will continue observation of the fig tree from 2021 spring campaign. The tree is located in the park in front of the school. Thing to note is it that the fig tree is quite young and overshadowed by another tree. However, the branch we are observing is facing south and is exposed to plenty of sunlight.

GPS coordinates: N 45°20'13" E 14°25'32"
Altitude: 61 m
Latin name of the tree species: Ficus carica

We started observations on 7 Sep 2021. All leaves were completely green, color 5GY 3/2. Today, 23 Sep 2021, the color of the leaves remains unchanged.

Below is a photo of the fig taken with GrowApp application.

Dolores Dobrinjkic, modified 2 Months ago.
Padawan Posts: 9 Join Date: 11/14/15 Recent Posts

Today (21 Nov), leaves on our fig tree have started changing color, but green down period is not over yet - all leaves reman on the branch. We will continue observing the leaves until color change is over, or the leaves fall off. 

GrowApp time lapse of color change: 

Below is the color palette (digital) of leaves from observed branch.

Dolores Dobrinjkic, modified 1 Month ago.
Padawan Posts: 9 Join Date: 11/14/15 Recent Posts

Due to the strong wind, most of the leaves on our fig tree, and all the leaves from the observed branch, have fallen off.

Because of that, we decided to compare the first date of the color change, instead of comparing the date of lost leaves.

First recorded color change for our fig tree was between 21 Oct and 26 Oct.

St. Francis Primary School, Malta, has recorded color change on their fig tree between 11 Nov and 15 Nov. 
Elementary School Ivana Kukuljevica, Croatia, recorded color change between 27 Sept and 4 Oct. 

Students hypothesize that fig tree in Malta kept the dark leaves color the longest because of warmer conditions and the fig tree which is located in continental (colder) part of Croatia, started changing color quite early because of lower average temperatures. They were unsure about the influence of the day length on leaf color change, because both Croatian schools have the same day/night cycle length, but it differs from the length of days in Malta. 


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