Scientist Arnold van Vliet explains the GrowApp

Using the GrowApp

The GrowApp can be used as an addition to GLOBE data collection. It is great to observe the Green Up and Green Down process with GLOBE protocols and at the same time make a beautiful time lapse movie of the tree.

  1. Locate a tree (one of the 7 species to be studied during the campaign) that you see regularly (for example because you pass it when going to school).

  2. Download the app. Open the app and take the first picture (camera button at the bottom right of the app).

  3. Tap on "Description" and type a hashtag**:

    1.  Species: #birch, #hazel, #oak, #cherry, #lime, #beech, #fig. 

    2. #GLOBE

    3. #Name of your school

  4. Upload the picture.

  5. Take following pictures by clicking the icon that holds the first picture. Then click the camera button with the plus to add a new picture. You will see the previous picture transparent so you can line out perfectly.

  6. As soon as you took more then 1 picture, a rotation of the pictures will automatically be produced so you see a simple timelapse movie (=animation).

  7. View results on the map in the GrowApp itself or on 

The powerpoint presentation explains all the steps.


Adding GLOBE data
After taking a picture with the GrowApp, you can submit GLOBE data about green-up and green-down using the GLOBE protocols by using the separate GLOBE Data Entry App.

** This # is called hashtag and allows anybody to filter the photos – in our case to filter according to 7 tree species of the campaign

Map of pictures with hashtag: #birch, #hazel, #oak, #cherry, #lime, #beech, #fig