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06 December: Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign Webinar: “The State of Trees: December 2022”

Trees Around the GLOBE 06 December webinar shareable

The Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign will be hosting the webinar: “The State of Trees: December 2022” on Tuesday, 06 December, at 10:30 a.m. ET (03:30 p.m. UTC/04:30 p.m. CET).  

The webinar (the fifty-second webinar for the campaign) will feature a presentation from Deanna Danke and her students (Queens, New York, USA). Their presentation will focus on data density and multiple tree height and tree circumference observations from local trees near their school, the Msgr. McClancy High School.

Bringing this all together, Peder Nelson will align the featured presentation location to the GLAD Tree Mapping Tool. Autumn Burdick, GLOBE program senior writer and editor and the communications director for The GLOBE Program’s app, GLOBE Observer, will highlight the latest GLOBE Student Vloggers project on trees.

The campaign team will also discuss the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how they pertain to the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign. The webinar will also highlight the final metrics for the NASA GLOBE Trees Challenge 2022: Trees in a Changing Climate, and will showcase the distribution of tree heights between the

2021 Community Trees Challenge and the current challenge.

If you are interested in joining the webinar, please send an email to Campaign Lead, Brian Campbell. To learn more about the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign, click here.


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