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Frequently Asked Questions 

GLOBE Mission EARTH Research Projects

Q. Do I have to use GLOBE data in my project?
A. Yes, students must use at least some GLOBE data and enter that data into the GLOBE database.

Q. How do I come up with ideas for my research project? 
A. To get some ideas, we encourage you to look at previously submitted Student Research Reports, active Field Campaigns, and Collaborating Satellite Missions. Additionally, many of the protocols have a "looking at data" section with even more ideas. 

Q. What should the thumbnail picture be?
A. Generally, the thumbnail image should somehow represent the research. For example, if the research is about leaf color, then the thumbnail image could be of a leaf. This image will display with the student report. Also, the thumbnail image could simply be a photo (.jpg or other image file) of the project - for example, a screen shot of the powerpoint file, or a camera photo of the project poster board.

Q. Does all the data I use need to be GLOBE data?
A. No! As long as you use some GLOBE data, you meet the requirement. We understand that some students are interested in exploring scientific areas that do not involve GLOBE protocols.