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2015 GLOBE Games in Czech Republic

students at globe games

With a special celebratory focus on The GLOBE Program's 20th Anniversary, the 2015 GLOBE Games were held in Prague (at Kunratice Elementary School). This year's event, which ran from 28 to 31 May 2015, also celebrated 20 years of the GLOBE Games. Teachers and students from all over the Czech Republic, as well as from neighboring Germany, Poland, and Slovakia (even though it is not yet a GLOBE country), came together to share experiences and research, make new friends, and have fun.

The event kicked off with the traditional rolling of the "globe" through the streets. Since the host school was in Prague, the rolling event took place in Prague; and what better place to begin than in Prague's Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí)! Participants were led by students carrying a GLOBE and TEREZA banner, followed by musicians and hundreds of students, teachers, scientists, alumni, and other GLOBE participants rolling the globe. Carrying photos, flags, and signs, the procession worked its way through small roads filled with fascinated tourists, with everyone stopping at one point to bounce the globe into the air in front of Ovocný trh (Fruit Market) in Prague's old town (near the national theatre).

A short celebration of the anniversary of The GLOBE Program and the GLOBE Games then took place at a local theater, with singing, introductory comments, and a retrospective of GLOBE Game photos and activities – and ending with the entire group singing the song, "GLOBE!"

Following the official opening ceremonies at the Kunratice Elementary School, participants began filling their days with group discussions and interactions, student presentations, poster sessions, and entertainment.

The final day of the GLOBE Games, Saturday, consisted of a day out in the local forest, testing navigation and detective skills in solving an ancient mystery. Closing ceremonies, which included student exhibitions, were held in the evening. Sunday morning consisted mainly of goodbyes, sharing of contact information, and heading home in various directions. 

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office