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Attention GLOBE Teachers: IVSS 2024 Has Begun!

Attention GLOBE Teachers! Now is the time to start working with your students on their 2024 International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) projects. This year the theme is "Climate Investigations." Information, webinars and resources can be found here. Submissions will be accepted from early January 2024 through to 6 March 2024. 

Students will need to incorporate their GLOBE data into an investigation of their local climate. Teachers may prompt ideas like:

  • What protocols can help students research this?
  • What other sources of data might they need to find to put their own data in context? 

If students need help formulating their research question, there will be an "IVSS Conversation" webinar in early December to help guide them. In the meantime, there are many helpful resources on the GLOBE IVSS Student Resources webpage.

Any questions? Contact the GLOBE IVSS team at

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office