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Branch Out! Apply for an Artemis Moon Tree Seedling

NASA’s Next Gen STEM project in partnership with USDA Forest Service is excited to kick-off the upcoming school year with a unique opportunity. Nearly 2000 tree seeds travelled to the Moon and back to Earth aboard the Artemis I, Orion space capsule! Education and community organizations are invited submit a proposal for an Artemis Moon Tree Seedling through NASA’s Artifacts Module Program.

Through NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement (OSTEM) and NASA’s Artifact Module, museums, universities, federal agencies, community groups, USDA Forest Service Partners, including NASA Field Centers, and K-12 serving organizations located in the contiguous United States are eligible to apply for ownership of a Moon Tree seedling. GLOBE teachers and partners within the US are strongly encouraged to apply!

Recipients of a Moon Tree seedling will be encouraged to develop educational opportunities to connect students, schools, and communities to the ARTEMIS mission. As a requirement, potential recipients will register through NASA Gateway and NASA CONNECTS (Connecting our NASA Network of Educators for Collaborating Together in STEM). Information on how to apply can be found on the Artemis Moon tree webpage.

Email for questions.

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office