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Join us on 14 September at 8 pm ET (0:00 UTC on 15 Sep.) for GLOBE Observer Connect, a monthly series of short conversations about GLOBE data, science, and the latest updates. Our topic for September is GLOBE data quality and satellite matching. GLOBE interns Jessica Mo, Siddharth Jasti, and Angelina Tsai will lead the discussion. 

This summer, Jessica Mo completed an internship during which she analyzed data quality for clouds, land cover, mosquito habitats, and tree heights. Siddharth Jasti developed an approach to match land cover observations to satellite data. Angelina Tsai worked on a way to display the satellite match table on an individual’s My Observations page.

To prepare for the conversation, please read GLOBE Observer Data Quality: Updating Quality Flags for a Fresh Assessment.

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office