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GLOBE Program Tech Update

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In June 2018, The GLOBE Program's website had several updates: the new Carbon Cycle Protocol was added to the Teacher’s Guide, Data Entry, and eTraining, as well as the Visualization and Advanced Data Access Tool (ADAT). The Carbon Cycle protocol asks students/teachers to enter measurement data for three types of vegetation (tree, shrubs, and herbaceous) in order to calculate carbon levels. You can access it by going, here.

Other updates to the site included:

  • Teachers can now add as many as 50 students (per school account).
  • Trainers can now use the system to administer workshops.

Visualization enhancements were also added to the site this past month. For example, users can now visualize all observations under a school or partner. In addition, users can now identify dates with measurements on the calendar by simply looking for the protocol icons

In July, keep an eye out for the new Landcover app feature within the GLOBE Observer app.

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office