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June 2023 GLOBE Tech Update

The tech team is working through a number of enhancements that are scheduled to go into effect in mid-June.

For the GLOBE Observer app, Biosphere protocols will be added (to go with Atmosphere and Hydrosphere). Soon, users will be able to do all of the GLOBE protocols within GLOBE Observer. (Pedosphere protocols are next on the list.

For the website, a number of improvements are in progress to support GLOBE's newer teachers. These improvements include a new account setup process; a new roadmap guide which will help teachers understand what they can do with their new Teacher account; revised tutorials; and other improvements. New support for informal educators and increasing access for approved users to create student accounts are also under development.

Support for 3D-printed weather stations located in Kenya and Hawaii (to go with existing support for Davis and Earth Networks weather stations) is also under development.

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office